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Chronicon: How To Transmute

Crafting to your heart’s content, as long as you have materials!

Iris Ruiz



Chronicon sets you off into an adventure by traversing the memories of heroes. You then assume their stature to go through the story yourself. It’s a unique dungeon-crawler that has tons of content to unlock and experience.

One of the contents that could take a huge chunk of your playtime is discovering the different crafting possibilities through the game’s Transmutation feature. As like with most games, Transmutation is a vital source of power-ups that you would need to get through your adventures.

Here’s how to utilize and craft your way to unlimited power.

How To Transmute – Chronicon

While most of the recipes from the game are already listed and ready, these are only the basic ones you’ll find through your journey. For the adventurous, you can put in some ingredients and cross your fingers, hoping to pull up a Legendary equipment or rune. Most of the recipes, though, are left for you to discover.

To start transmutation, you only need to find the Transmutation NPC, Theo, that you will unlock after act 3. Other than that, you would only need to collect the materials needed and talk to the NPC to get your crafting going. Each recipe has its own perk, feel free to discover which of these would suit your needs the best.

That’s all there is to it! The most basic recipes should be unlocked when using transmutation, but the rest would need you to get creative and figure out on your own!

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FIFA 23: Best Camera Settings to Use

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