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Best Warrior (Melee) Build in Enshrouded

Unleash your inner warrior!

Nedim Fetahovic



Best Warrior (Melee) Build in Enshrouded

Warriors are just one of the three possible classes you can choose from in Enshrouded. In total there are 12 to be precise, however, there are 3 main ones Melee, Ranged, and Mage. As such, they boast high damage in close combat and are slower than for example ranged builds. 

In today’s article, we will cover the Melee build in Enshrouded as well as give you some tips & tricks on how to utilize this build appropriately along the way. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Warrior (Melee) Build

Enshrouded Warrior on Steam

To start this guide, let us first explain what the Melee build is good for in the first place. The melee build, often referred to as Enshrouded Warriors, if played as intended, is for those players who like to get up close and personal with their foes. In addition to this, players are also free to choose their weapons. The most popular option is the shield and sword.

The shield is a powerful tool that if timed right, can stun enemies and give you a significant advantage in battle. In conjunction with this, Melee builds more often than not, make use of heavy armor to increase the amount of damage they can take.

Enshrouded Warrior shield and sword

Important to remember! No matter which build you go for, always have some sort of ranged weapon with you. We highly recommend the Bow and Arrow.

This piece of advice stems from the fact that some enemies are best engaged from a distance. By doing this, you avoid taking unnecessary damage and you stand a chance of surviving more dangerous fights.

Skills to Acquire

Coming to the Skill Tree. If you are going for the Melee build, we recommend focusing on the Power Parry Skill that will allow you to stun your enemies more effectively. Following up on this, you may as well go ahead and acquire Merciless Attack Skill. This is a special attack that deals enormous amounts of damage per hit.

Enshrouded Skill Tree
Source: CasaBLACK Gaming

The rest of the skills you may acquire depend, for the most part, on your preferred playstyle. You are free to fine-tune your Skill Tree to best suit your needs and your play style. So make sure you read every skill and what it does. This way you will be able to optimize your character to suit you.

In case you want to reset your skills, we recommend reading the how to reset your skills guide!

Bonus Tip: Stamina

As a conclusion to this guide, we’ll give you a bonus tip specifically designed for Melee builds, but can also be used for all others. If you are going to a densely populated area. In an area with many enemies, make sure you have your resting bonus applied.

This bonus is acquired by sleeping (resting) in your bed and will give you a significant boost to your stamina bar. Melee builds find this especially useful in battle as they rely on stamina more than others.

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