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Sea of Thieves: New Legends Voyage and Adventure | All You Need to Know

The Shrouded Deep Adventure and Legend of the Veil Voyage await players in the NEW Sea of Thieves update this coming April.




This week is going to be huge for Sea of Thieves players because…the new update is here! A new adventure trailer was freshly dropped, hinting at hunting the fabled Shrouded Ghost. High-value treasure is to be expected, and a possibility of a Chest of Legends surfacing from the deep is anticipated.

New Legends Voyage and Adventure in Sea of Thieves

Aside from the new adventure and voyage, players can look forward to smoother gameplay. Since the game’s last major patch, Sea of Thieves players have been experiencing various issues. Fortunately, the update will be fixing a few of these bugs.

The Shrouded Deep

As seen in the adventure trailer dropped recently, Merrick is met by Belle, who resurrects his old flagship, the Killer Whale, with his wife as the figurehead. This is in regards to his wife’s stipulation that he’s never allowed to sail again unless she goes with him. Developers have stated that players will be going on a Megalodon Hunt, hinting that the Shrouded Ghost is to be defeated. Exciting!

Legend of the Veil

Aside from the Shrouded Ghost, the Legend of the Veil – Athena mission will also be available. Unlike the new adventure, this one will be a permanent feature of the game. You can purchase this Voyage from the Pirate Lord found in the Pirate Legend Hideout right before voting on the Captain’s Table to start.

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