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Sea of Thieves: New Leaks For Season 7 | Captaincy, Ship Naming…

A lot of strange things are happening in Sea of Thieves. Could these be hints for the upcoming update?




Players are in panic mode as Sea of Thieves developers have not yet divulged any hint on the new updates for Season 7. However, eagle-eyed seafarers found peculiar changes around. Could they be foreshadowing the upcoming features or simply normal bugs?

New Leaks For Season 7 | Captaincy, Ship Naming… in Sea of Thieves

Since the new season of Sea of Thieves is coming, players can’t wait to finally see the patch notes. But without any comments and clear hints, they are left with so many questions. In this article, we are going to share some hints that we think are leaks for the new season.

Strange New Building

At first glance, the new building appears to be a shipwright structure. But wait and incorporate it with other hints such as the outpost map, and you’ll see that it seems to hint at a similar structure. Lo and behold. It’s a dry dock!

Disappearing Name Plates

Another strange thing is the presence of disappearing nameplates at the back of every ship. They have been spotted on the brigantine and the galleon, but are only visible from afar. When you go near them, the plates disappear.

Could these be clues for the much-anticipated Captaincy update? We don’t know that yet. But what we’re certain at the very least is that these clues are pointing toward more ship customizations, such as naming your vessel.

Strange Lights

Strange lights have been spotted near the Arena Tavern, floating above the ocean. But when you get close, they disappear. Something is being planned. Probably a new island? A new adventure location? We’ll just have to wait and see. But going with the last adventure hinting towards finding something in the Pale Beast, the next update might involve the Pirate Lord in Pirate Tavern.

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