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Cell to Singularity: What are Nanobots and What do They Do?

Once you’ll reach singularity and reboot your simulation, the game will give you a chance to use a couple of boosts to speed up the process. Among those are the Nanobots.




Nanobots are the microscopic helpers created for the sole purpose of helping you get back to the point you were in after resetting the tech tree by purchasing singularity for the first time. Although they are hardly omnipotent, if you know how to use them well, you might be able to progress through the game much faster.

What are Nanobots and What do They Do in Cell to Singularity

Nanobots are a special powerup that can be bought in the Reality Engine after resetting the tech tree using Singularity. Like everything else in the Reality Engine, they can be unlocked using MegaBits, a special currency obtained by converting your entropy and ideas after each simulation reset.

Click Mode and Buy Mode

Nanobots can be used in two different modes – Click Mode and Buy Mode. Click mode enables them to automatically gather entropy and idea points without your involvement. Buy Mode will make the Nanobots buy every possible thing in the viewed portion of the tech tree.

Note that if you’re in the garden, Nanobots will automatically switch to Click Mode. Also, Buy Mode only becomes available to Nanobots once they’ll be upgraded to level 6.

The Nanobot’s Limits

A single Nanobot boost only lasts for one minute, after which they will enter a fifteen minute cooldown mode. Though the cooldown time can be bypassed by using two Darwinium Cubes. But, since you can have up to twelve Nanobots, you probably won’t need to do that often.

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