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Cell To Singularity: How To Get Replaceable Teeth

The trait Replaceable Teeth makes your shark 100 times more efficient—but how do you unlock them?

Jed Gaspang



There are various traits that you can unlock in Cell to Singularity. All of these have different effects on your generators. Among them are fishes, which are the last generators to be unlocked in the ocean. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get the trait Replaceable Teeth.

How To Get Replaceable Teeth – Cell To Singularity

Replaceable Teethis the last trait that you’ll unlock right before the Sharks tree—this trait gives sharks an innate ability to replace their teeth whenever one breaks or falls out. You’ll need Cartilaginous Skeleton before getting this trait; also prepare a hefty 426.67 million entropy.

Afterward, you’ll get a chance to unlock the evolution, Sharks. This can be doneby logging in consecutively for 14 straight days (2 weeks). Upon finishing 2 weeks’ worth of log-in streak, you will get one free shark.

This will unlock various types of sharks; like the Megalodon, Hammerhead, Leopard, Great White, Tiger Shark, and the huge Whale Shark. Every shark type will have different attributes and levels of efficiencies, so make sure to check that out. Have fun playing!

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