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(the) Gnorp Apologue: How To Fix Game Not Running Issue

Easy fixes to get the game working!




With (the) Gnorp Apologue recently released, players have been loving the simplicity of this fun and light-hearted 2D arcade game.

Whilst most players have been having no problems at all, others have noted the game will occasionally struggle to load for them.  

This is pretty frustrating for those who have just bought the game, so this guide will aim to break down a couple of ways you can fix the issue and get it working!

How To Fix Game Not Running Issue

There are numerous causes for the game not running on player’s PCs and most of them are optimization issues.

Before engaging with these problems, make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements needed to run the game – you can check this in Steam.

If you’ve checked the minimum requirements, then you’ll want to try the following. The gaming community has noted these fixes do work!

Gameplay from (the) Gnorp Apologue

Switch Off Unnecessary Applications

One easy way to free up the resources needed in your PC to run the game is to switch off anything running both actively or passively in the background.

Applications like Web Browsers, Adobe, Microsoft Office will all use up the RAM in your PC and could be preventing the game loading.

Also do a check for any applications running passively. Often they run in the background and can be checked through the ‘Process tab’ on the Task Manager.

Disk clean-up for your  PC

Another idea is to clean your temporary files. Type Disc Cleanup in your taskbar, then run the application and delete anything that seems unnecessary.

Run The Game As Administrator

It’s possible the reason the game isn’t loading is permission related. To fix this, you can try running the game as an administrator.

Installed files on steam

To do this, head to your Steam library, locate the game and click properties. Following that, you’ll want to select ‘Browse‘ next to the installed files tabs.

Run this program as administrator

Next, right click the .exe file of (the) Gnorp Apologue and head to properties. On the Compatibility tab, select Run this program as an administrator, then hit Apply to save this choice.

Verify The Game Files

Making sure that none of your game files are corrupted is a great fix for the game. Before this step you could simply try reinstalling the game on your PC. If that doesn’t work, try this!

On your Steam library, right click the game and hit properties. Under Local Files, you’ll want to click Verify Integrity of game files.

Wait for the validation to finish, then relaunch the game if it’s possible to do so!

Update Your PC Drivers

Gameplay from the game.

This can usually be a highly complicated process that requires digging deep into the components of your PC. Alternatively, programmes like Driver Easy can make quick work of it.

Simply download the application, open it and hit the Scan Now button. This will scan any incompatible, corrupted or old drivers on your PC.

Next, click update all and wait for the download to complete. Once completed, restart your computer and see if the fix has worked. Fans of the game have a lot of success with this fix.

Hopefully after trying out these fixes you’ll be able to start the game. If after all of these the game still doesn’t work, then your  best bet is to call the official support for the game – but that should be your last resort! Otherwise, time to get stuck into (the) Gnorp Apologue.

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