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Where to Find Zonaite Armor Set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Get that Zonaite look by obtaining the Zonaite Armor set.




The Zonaite Armor set is one of the many armor sets you can find throughout your adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.

The full set will grant you increased energy efficiency which is pretty useful for using Zonai devices. It also comes with high protection which makes it the strongest level 5 armor in the game.

That said, if you want to use this set, you need to know where to find its pieces first. We’ll show you their exact locations in this guide.

Zonaite Armor Set Location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

As with other armor sets in the game, you need to find the different pieces of the set in different locations.

Zonaite Armor Set Location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Source: Game from Mars

Let’s start with the Zonaite Shin Guard which you can find in the Sky Mine in Akkala Sea Sky. Kindly refer to the image above for its exact location slightly northeast of Sokkala Sky Archipelago.

To get there, you want to head to the Sokkala Sky Archipelago and ride the glider.

To get there, you want to head to the Sokkala Sky Archipelago and ride the glider.
Source: Game from Mars

Once you get there, activate the Zonai terminal right in front of you.

After the cutscene, jump on top of the block that was shown and wait for it to launch you to the floating island above.

After landing on the other floating island, jump on top of yet another block same as the one below. Wait for it to launch you up in the air.

Source: Game from Mars

This time, you want to land on the floating island to the right.

Next, before you hop onto another block, rotate the wheel to position the block in a way that it faces the large floating sphere above.

Grab a huge stone block using your Ultrahand then place it on the mechanism to launch it into the floating sphere.

Then, hop on top of it to reach the sphere as well. You’ll notice a hole that you can go through to get to the inside.

Using your Ultrahand, grab the stone block you launched earlier and place it on top of the pressure plate in the middle. Then, use Ascend to get outside of the sphere.

Jump off the edge and use your glider to navigate the sphere. Look for an opening near the bottom; in the middle will be a chest containing the Zonaite Shin Guards.

Locating the Zonaite Waistguard

Locating the Zonaite Waistguard

For the Zonaite Waistguard, you want to head to the Necluda Sky Archipelago just west of the Peak of Awakening.

You can get to the area by riding the jet of water that extends to the sky. At its very end will be a platform with a floating device that you can use to reach the archipelago.

Attach the pair of rockets at the back of the floating device and ride it to get all the way to Zonaite Forge Island. Once you reach the area, activate the Zonai terminal in front of you.

Climb on top of the structure to your right and then use your glider to ride the gust of wind to take you to the top.

Land on the huge pillar with a huge hole in the middle of it. After that, drop down the hole all the way to the bottom while avoiding the lasers.

You’ll then reach the Yansamin Shrine.

Head down to this pillar which is the entrance to the shrine. However, you don’t need to enter it. To its left will be a fire hydrant that you need to grab and place on the lava nearby.

This will create a solid surface that you can stand on.

Use your Ascend ability to get to the surface up above. This will take you to a hidden room with a chest containing the Zonaite Waistguard.

Locating the Zonaite Helm

For the final piece which is the Zonaite Helm, head to this location south of the South Hebra Sky Archipelago.

From the archipelago, ride a balloon to get you to the area then use your glider once your energy runs out. Head toward the jet of water up ahead and ride it all the way upward.

Once you reach the top, you’ll notice two carts on the corner. Arrange them in the railroad nearby and attach them afterward.

At the same time, grab a rocket on the left side and attach it to the back of the cart. Hop on the cart and activate the rocket to reach the floating island on the other side.

You’ll notice a stone glider to the left upon landing on the island. Assemble it by adding some batteries and propellers to make a functional plane.

Then, launch it and steer it toward the floating island up ahead as shown in the image above.

Make your way to the upper part of the island and head to the Zonai terminal right beside the pond. Activate it to drain the water in the pond.

Next, head to the islet in the middle and look for an entrance to a cave at the back. Destroy the boulder that’s blocking the entrance then proceed inside.

After that, grab the light source that’s on the altar then point its light to another light source on the far left.

Get to the second light source then point its light toward the third light source on the far left.

Head over to the third light source, and this time, point its light toward the fourth light source on the far right.

Finally, head to where the fourth light source is located. This time, however, you don’t have to reposition it.

Instead, drop down into the area below and grab the fifth light source from the corner. Point it toward the yellow gem at the front until it turns green.

The platform should then start rising. Once it stops, go near the green gem and use Ascend to get to the top. You’ll find the chest containing the Zonaite Helm inside.

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