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Warframe: Gyre Prex Card Location

Finding the card is not easy, or is it?




The players are always competing against opponents who outnumber them. To that purpose, players have access to a diverse armoury of ancient and modern weapons and their most formidable weapon—the titular Warframe—each of which has its own set of abilities.

Despite being a shooter, the gameplay emphasizes the synchronization of players’ arsenals, allowing for open battle innovation. The sole aim is to unify the system’s desperate, war-torn colonies.

Warframe: Gyre Prex Card Location

Each of the Leverian galleries has a Prex, a tarot card symbolizing the gallery’s subject Warframe that can also be used as an Orbiter decoration.

Players can only view and gather these if they have mastered the Warframe.

The Chrysalith

The gyre prep card can be found in the Chrysalith, the Chrysalith is located in the center of the Zariman and was originally explored during The New War.

A refuge repurposed as a center for returning visitors and warriors fending off the Grineer, Corpus, and others waiting in the hallways of the Zariman.

Once you can access the Chrysalith, you’re one step closer to finding the gyre prep card. Carefully enter the Chrysalith, go forward into the first room, and then on your left-hand side, you’re going to see so many shelves, but you don’t need to go far.

On your first cut out, the shelf beside it has the gyre prep card number 49 right on it.

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