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Last Epoch: Where to Find the Cursed Veteran’s Boots to Increase Difficulty

I want a challenge, give it to me!




If you find Last Epoch a tad too easy for you and want to increase the difficulty, you should get the unique cursed Veteran’s Boots items.

These accursed boots will greatly lower the damage you deal while increasing the damage you receive. Putting them on is only for true masochists!

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find these cursed boots for yourself, should you dare to seek them.

Where to Find the Cursed Veteran’s Boots – Increase Difficulty

Last Epoch: Where to Find the Cursed Veteran's Boots to Increase Difficulty - The Old Road

You can find the Cursed Veteran’s Boots at the very start of the game, in The Old Road.

However, do note that sometimes they don’t have “Cursed” in their name, so we’ll refer to them as just “Veteran’s Boots”!

It’s unknown why sometimes the boots have the “Cursed” Affix, as it has literally no effect on these boots. Perhaps it’s a bug or oversight by the developers?

Either way, The Old Road is the very first zone in the entire game, and it’s a completely linear path.

Just keep following the path until you reach a small cave of sorts, right before the entrance to The Burning Forest.

Stalagmites that block the path

Once inside the cave, look for the stalagmites in the southeastern corner of the cave. Break them down using any attacks or skills you want.

This will lead you to a small hidden path, which you can follow to an apparent dead-end.

Fake dead end wall

It’s not really a dead-end, though, just break down the wall like you did with the stalagmites before. Be ready to face off against a hostile bear, though!

Cursed Veteran's Boots item drop

Kill the bear and it will drop the Veteran’s Boots for you, now you can just pick them up and put them on to increase Last Epoch’s difficulty.

These are the effects of the boots:

  • Lowers the damage you and your minions deal by 50% to 75%, depending on Area Level.
  • Increases the damage you take by 100% to 200%, depending on Area Level.
The Veteran's Boots item

The effects are somewhat similar to the deprecated “Masochist Mode” the game had during Early Access.

Additionally, you can’t craft using these boots at all. Basically, they will waste your boots slot, as well!

Nonetheless, now you know where to find these unique boots whenever you wish to increase the difficulty for an added challenge.

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