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High on Life: All Card Locations in DLC

Gotta collect ‘em all!




There are a total of 9 different card locations for you to find in the new High on Knife DLC for High on Life.

Some are just kinda laying around, some are just given to you, and others require you to beat certain challenges. You never know where they’re about to pop up!

But since you’re reading this guide, it’s fair to assume you want to know. And we’ll tell you where to find each single one!

All Card Locations in High on Knife DLC for High on Life


Source: 100% Guides

Starting off we have Barfazard, which is pretty much just given to you by talking to one of the new NPCs.

Head to Salt Lick City in Peroxis, most easily reachable from the Outskirts portal.

As soon as you enter the center, turn to your right and you’ll spot a small and totally inconspicuous cave.

Make your way into the cave and you’ll find some guy who’s eager to share his card collection hobby. He’ll gift you Barfazard just for talking with him!


What a name! Is this guy one of the Dung Eater’s friends? Anyway, this card is obtained by completing the race challenge in Salt Lick City.

From the cave where you got Barfazard, look towards the city itself.

You should spot a rope with some flags where the arrow points in the image. Just make your way there by going up the slope.

There’s a weird snail-looking alien below the rope with the flags. Approach them and talk with them to start the race.

You need to complete the race in under 14 minutes! Yeah, this race is basically just a joke, so you can take your time.

The snail-looking weirdo won’t be too happy about you beating his time, but you can claim your reward now!

Just break the box next to the race start and you’ll instantly get the Dungmacer card.


This one requires you to beat the Peroxosquash high score, also within Salt Lick City.

To find this minigame, start from the race’s start point from before and turn around. Follow the arrow on the image.

Once you’re at the top of the cliff, you should see a small shack off in the distance. It’s right where the arrow points toward!

Talk to the snail alien there and accept his challenge. Use the new B.A.L.L. gun and try your best to beat the high score!

Manage it and you’ll get a new package as your reward. Break it and Flukey’s card is all yours.


This time we’ll be venturing outside of Salt Lick City, to the Buffalo Ranch outskirts more precisely. It’s best to use the Buffalo Ranch portal here.

Once you warp to Buffalo Ranch, go directly outside through the gate shown in the image.

Keep going forward and slightly to your left to spot a ground of annoying enemies. Deal with them however you see fit.

Directly past those enemies is a hole leading into a cave, as pictured.

Jump into this pitch-black cave and find a shiny red button for a generator. Turn it on to open a faraway door for a limited time.

Follow the generator’s cable quickly!

You’ll spot a package with Humoranger’s card inside at the end of the trail.


This one requires you to go to Buffalo Ranch’s outskirt again and beat another race. This is the third race of the racing snail alien’s quest.

Head outside Buffalo Ranch through this gate then turn to your right.

You’ll spot this rock formation; go through it.

Now look off in the distance, there should be a pair of poles in the middle of nowhere, as shown in the image. Use the rocky pillar as a reference point.

Approach these poles to find the racing weirdo again and take on his challenge one last time. This one is an actual challenge as you have to beat it in under 3m 15s!

Manage it and you’ll get rewarded with a box containing the Pyrat card, though.


From the same spot where you did the previous race, turn to your left from the race start.

You should spot this metallic structure shown above. That’s your next destination!

You’ll find an NPC inside the metallic structure, just talk to him and he’ll give you a box with the Ripsaur card inside. Say thanks for the gift!


This one is inside the Muxxalon HQ on Peroxis, so we’ll be using its portal as our starting point.

From the portal, look for a big red button for a lift. Hop on the lift and press the button to ride it up.

Take it all the way up and then turn around to spot this wall covered with purple slimey flesh.

Next, fly up to the third level of the wall and go up the ledge.

Turn to your right to find a cuttable wall.

As gross as it may be, go through the opening you created and follow the linear path to the end.

You’ll find the box with Tadtwo’s card at the very end! Was it worth it?


This one is also in Muxxalon HQ, so we’ll use the previous card’s location as our starting point.

Get out of the fleshy hallway and go to the ledge where you cut the first flesh wall.

Turn to your left from the flesh wall and you should spot a walkway.

Fly onto the walkway and open the door to your right, where the arrow is pointing.

Walk into the circular room and look above you to your left to find a grapple point.

Grapple on and hold tight until you reach an open hatch. You should see that you’re entering the Employee Residences now.

Go through the hatch and turn right to find a large yellow door.

Open the door and go into the next room, then grapple the first flying alien bug thing in front of you.

Maneuver yourself onto the elevated walkway shown here.

Press the button on this walkway to start a small power-sliding challenge. Do your best to cross the temporary bridges quickly! Be ready to shoot any obstacles in your way, too.

Your reward for completing this challenge successfully is a box with the Zenicow card.


Start from the spot where you found the Zenicow card and jump down, then look for the nearest large yellow door. It’s the same one you used to enter this room.

Go through the door and you’ll again see that you’re entering Employee Residences.

Keep going forward to the end of the room and then go through the open door with the purple flesh stuff.

You’ll now be in a room with a massive blob of flesh in the middle. Grapple onto it and ride it to the very top.

Now, look for two open mouths on the outer walls of the room. The first one is located where the arrow is pointing in the image, on a wall with purple flesh. Shoot it with Creature.

The second one is to the right, on an extremely dark wall. Just like before, shoot the opening with Creature.

This will make two grapple points appear, use them to make your way up to the box with the final card, Squealbur!

Congratulations, Card Hunter, you got them all!

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