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Counter-Strike 2: Best Places to Throw Smokes on Each Map

Smoke ‘em out and you’ll win!




Knowing where and when to throw smoke on every Counter-Strike 2 map is important to victory.

Smokes are better than ever in the new version of Counter-Strike, so you should make good use of this powerful tool!

Ready to learn what the smoke hot spots are on each map? Read on!

Best Places to Throw Smokes on Each Map in Counter-Strike 2

Source: ESL Counter-Strike

First of all, Mirage!

In this map, you’ll want to smoke the connector tunnel around mid, as the smoke will cover the whole thing and make any enemies inside of the tunnel extremely predictable.

In Monster, the best place to smoke is the canal’s tunnel, for similar reasons as Mirage’s connector.

The tunnel is tiny, so blinding your opponents with smoke will make them extremely predictable. Like shooting fish in a barrel!

For Vertigo, you’ll want to focus on the bottom of the ramp around the crane area.

This is a common chokepoint, so commandeering with your smokes should make it easy to deal with enemies that try to pass through.

Nuke is a somewhat more complex map to smoke than others. The best place to smoke is around the outside of the nuclear power plant, close to B.

However, you’ll need to use two or three smokes to properly blanket the area!

Next up, Ancient! In this one, you’ll want to smoke the main tunnel leading towards Middle.

You’ll also want to smoke the outside walkway that leads toward mid as well, as controlling both of these entrances is key in this map.

For Anubis, you’ll want to smoke the canal connector section, especially if you’re playing as T.

It’ll cover you up enough to make you have a much safer time traversing the map without the CT spotting you!

Finally, Inferno. The best smoke throw here for T is cutting off A from the other side of the building. It’s a long throw, so it requires practice

CT, on the other hand, should learn to smoke B but it doesn’t require setup and can just be freehanded with ease!

So, there you have it, these are the key smoke spots to know in Counter-Strike 2!

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