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GTA 5: Best Secret Locations for Losing Cops

Gaining a Wanted status in GTA 5 can be a pretty fun experience, but then there are the cops who will ruin that fun for you. Luckily, there are ways you can lose them if ever they give chase.




As soon as you hit a high enough Wanted level in GTA 5, cops will start tracking you down to arrest you. However, if you want that newfound freedom of doing whatever the heck you want in the game, then your best option is to let them chase you and then lose them along the way.

In this article, we’re going through some of the best secret locations in GTA 5 for losing cops.

Best Secret Locations for Losing Cops in GTA 5

First Secret Spot

The first secret spot you’d want to head over to if you’re being chased by cops is the hospital not far from the Rockford Plaza. Just head inside the parking area of the building and enter the elevator. Here, you have 7 floors to choose from. Simply pick which floor you want to be in and wait as you notice the cops no longer chasing you.

Source: Treyten

What makes this location really good is the fact that the presence of 7 different floors means that cops will have a 1 out of 7 chance of finding you. Besides, the area inside is pretty large as well, so it will be a bit harder for them to actually find you.

Second Secret Spot

Source: Treyten

The next spot is a secret tunnel that can be found just right next to the beach just a short distance from the Globe Oil gasoline station. This is a pretty long tunnel that will take you to the other side of the road. At the very end, you’ll see another tunnel which you can actually pass through until you get to another road at the upper section.

Third Secret Spot

Source: Treyten

The last spot is a dam on a hill right above the casino. The dam can actually be accessed via the scaffolding, making it a pretty nice hiding spot if you’re being chased by cops. What makes this an amazing location is that it comes with a number of exit routes, so you won’t necessarily be getting yourself cornered as long as you have an exit car or motorcycle on the ready.

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Grounded: Where to Find All Green Shield Bugs Location Guide

Green Shield Bugs are the tough guys in Grounded. Make sure you don’t cross paths with them!





Bugs are your companion as you go through your journey in Grounded. Wherever you go, there is always a possibility of you passing by any of these bugs and insects. However, not all insects and bugs are safe to meet.

A Green Shield Bug is one of the dangerous bugs that you would not want to pass by in Grounded. These are more dangerous variants of the Stinkbug.

Fighting a Green Shield Bug will take you a high risk because of the danger it carries with it. But to tell you, defeating a Green Shield Bug drops you loots such as Green Shield Bug Parts, Super Stink Sacks, and Tough Gunks. Because of this, you might want to consider if the risk is too high, or if the risk is worth it.

Where to Find All Green Shield Bugs Location Guide in Grounded

No matter what your reason is, there will come a time that you will be needing to find some Green Shield Bugs all over the yard. So, to make it easier for you, we made this guide to help you out in searching.

Underneath the Shed

This location is probably one of the most well-known places where these bugs are seen.

Just go to the upper backyard. Under the shed, you will spot a revolver gun that is slightly buried in the ground. Just by looking at the area, you can easily spot some Green Shield Bugs roaming around the location.

In Front of the Wheelbarrow

The next area will be the grassland in front of the Wheelbarrow. This place is still inside the Upper Grasslands.

Compared to the first Green Shield Bug, the ones located here are more difficult to deal with. The reason is because of the presence of other bugs. Since this is an open environment, other bugs live here that will eventually join your fight.

However, it will be easier for you to move outside its gas because of all the free space around that you can move to.


Among the three locations, this is the hardest one to arrive at. You can see this in the Upper Backyard. When you see a giant power outlet, just follow the powerline that leads to the upper platform.

To reach the Green Shield Bugs, you have to traverse to the power line that leads to the upper floor on the right side. Once the power line starts to turn to the left, that is the sign that you have to stop walking and face the wall on the right.

Now, all you have to do is jump and float using the dandelion tuft. Your goal is to land on one of its leaves. Once you landed safely, carefully jump towards the stick behind the plant until you reach the platform on the left side. From there, walk over to the next wall and jump over it.

Once you reach the top of it, you can immediately see the Giant Shield Bugs roaming around this area. Aside from the fact that it is very hard to get here, it is also difficult to fight these two because they will both attack you at the same time.

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