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Enshrouded: Scavenger Matron Head Location

Beat that boss and get that gear!




There are a lot of bosses in Enshrouded, and they drop a ton of useful stuff. These bosses are distributed all across the world and have to be found before they can be fought. They aren’t very easy to find sometimes, though.

One boss that players love to fight for its drops is the Scavenger Matron. Its head is a pretty useful piece of loot. It can be a bit hard to locate and fight but don’t worry, we got you covered. 

Scavenger Matron Head Location

The Scavenger Matron Head can be found by killing a Scavenger Matron boss, who can be found at the Hill of Scavengers. 

The Hill of Scavengers is the following location on the map. It is a bit high up, so you should use a Grappling Hook to get up there faster. 

Hill of Scavengers in Enshrouded

The Scavenger Matron has a lot of health and can be hard to beat. The best way to go about this is to get a ranged weapon such as a bow and shoot them from further away. This will take a while but eventually, you’ll have killed the boss, and be better off for it.

Shooting in Enshrouded

That is all you need to know to kill your first Scavenger Matron and collect its head. Happy hunting!

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