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Elden Ring: How to Find the Watchdog’s Greatsword | Rare S Tier Colossal Sword

Colossal swords and colossal weapons in general have received a major buff in Elden Ring’s latest patch. One of the most underrated but very powerful colossal sword that got the buff is the Watchdog’s Greatsword.




If you’re someone who loves using huge ass weapons to beat bosses in Elden Ring, then you’ll surely like the Watchdog’s Greatsword. In fact, this sword is perfect for anyone who’s into making pure Strength builds as it scales off of Strength and can even get an S scaling with the Heavy affinity.

Also, the fact that you can change its ash of war means that you can take advantage of very powerful ashes of war in the game such as the Lion’s Claw. While it’s not a unique weapon by any means, it can surely hold its own against some of the special weapons in the game.

If you want to rock this weapon, then follow the guide below to find it.

How to Find the Rare S-Tier Colossal Sword Watchdog’s Greatsword in Elden Ring

There are two ways you can obtain this colossal sword. First is by heading to the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs which can be found in the Mountaintops of the Giants region. You can find the dungeon west of the Zamor Ruins site of grace. From there, head over the where you can find a group of enemies near the bridge.

Don’t cross the bridge. Instead, turn right until you find the entrance to the cave. Inside, you can find a lift that you have to activate, but instead of riding it, roll out of it and wait for a second lift to appear. Ride the second lift all the way down to reach two Watchdogs. The sword will be dropped by the second Watchdog.

Another method is via the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave which you can find west of the Giants’ Grave Post site of grace. Simply head down the stairs to find a Fire Monk. Just run past the Fire Monk by turning right and heading toward the window then jumping down.

Immediately, you’ll find a Watchdog in front of you that’s in shadow form. You’ll want to lure it to the circle of light just above the stairs so you can attack it. Simply kill that enemy until it drops you the sword. Keep in mind, however, that it won’t be a guaranteed farm, so you’ll want to increase your item discovery as much as possible.

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