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The Serpent Rogue: How to Revive Followers

Your followers can and will die in The Serpent Rogue, though the latter will mostly depend on how strong they are. Luckily, there’s a way to revive fallen followers in the game.




The followers you can bring with you in The Serpent Rogue can be either an animal, a monster, or a human. Each of them has its own unique specialty to offer, and they can make your adventure throughout the game a lot easier.

However, there will be times when they inevitably die, either because you’ve encountered a stronger enemy, you’ve made some mistakes during combat, or Reapers have appeared. Either way, them dying doesn’t mean you can’t bring them back. In fact, you can actually revive them.

How to Revive Followers in The Serpent Rogue

In this article, we’re going to talk about the two methods you can use to revive your followers.

The First Method: Using Potions

The very first and simplest method of reviving your followers is through the use of the Vivify potion. All you need to do is to craft the potions, head over to where your followers’ corpses are, and throw the potion at them to revive them.

The Second Method: Using the Undertaker

On the other hand, the second method involves using the Undertaker’s services. However, you can only unlock his services once you have unlocked the Graveyard. The Undertaker can revive your fallen followers using Shovels, and the stronger your follower, the more Shovels you’ll need.

To start, simply look for the Undertaker and interact with him. You’ll then have to choose the direction where your fallen followers can be found. The menu will tell you how many shovels you need to successfully revive them.

After that, the Undertaker will then travel to the area and start performing his duties.

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