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Dying Light 2: New Game Plus Inhibitor Locations

The first-ever patch to Dying Light 2 saw significant upgrades and changes to the game. These changes include new weapons, new missions, a new game plus mode, etc.




The inhibitors in Dying Light 2 are the most crucial collectibles. These collectibles give you the upgrades you require to your stamina and health. Your stamina and health levels need upgrades to achieve some high-end skills in combat and parkour.

The inhibitors are scattered through the city in different locations. If you want to be the best Pilgrim in the post-apocalyptic city, you need o discover these locations. This article will reveal some of the locations where you can get these inhibitors.

New Game Plus Inhibitor Locations – Dying Light 2

You’ll find these inhibitors in GRE containers, and when you’re near them, you’ll hear a voice tell you “inhibitor container detected” or “inhibitor container nearby.” You’ll also see a pop-up on the screen when less than 10 meters away from one.

The locations you’ll find these inhibitors include the following.

Old Villedor – North

There are 16 points you can get an inhibitor in Old Villedor – North. These include:

  • A balcony where you’ll find a room with a hole in the room. This location is available during the only way out.
  • You’ll see an inhibitor on the top floor next to a rooftop opening during the Unruly Brother.
  • On a Raid quest, you’ll find inhibitors using the suspension bridge.
  • Near the top of the water tower.
  • During the raid quest, the building south of the bandit camp.
  • GRE anomaly.
  • Inside two GRE quarantine buildings
  • Unlock the Hayward Square Metro station, and you’ll find an inhibitor near your bed.
  • A roof opening
  • In the safe on the ground floor in the Nightrunner’s Hideout.
  • In the military airdrop THB-04B
  • In the dark hollow building
  • On the top floor of an ordinary building and the second-highest floor.
  • The First Biomarker quest unlocks an inhibitor.

Central Loop North

In the north of Central Loop, you’ll find inhibitors in these locations.

  • In the Metro Station downtown court.
  • In the electrical station
  • In the Newalls crossing metro station
  • During the Orders quest on top of a high building.
  • On the highest roof of a small flat with open doors on both sides.
  • North of the giant VNC tower.
  • The two GRE quarantine buildings and the GRE anomaly.
  • The downtown thugs’ bandit camp and the military airdrop on the roof.
  • Near the bed in the Waterside Metro station
  • GRE anomaly, GRE quarantine buildings
  • In the dark hollow
  • Inside Saint paul’s electrical station
  • Next to the bed in the King William Bridge metro station
  • In the high building that’s north of the Fish Eye Canteen

These are some of the locations, and you’ll find more in the south of Old Villedor and south of Central Loop.

A future Dying Light 2 update will hopefully include additions to GRE crates containing more inhibitors for you to collect. You can check out our Dying Light 2 huge update news for more information.

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