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Aliens Fireteam Elite: All Promise of a Flower Locations | Strike Intels Guide

Find all of the collectibles in Mission 3.




Aliens Fireteam Elite is a game that will pit you against aliens. You can play solo or online as hardened marines and stop an evolving Xenomorph threat. We are going to show you all the intel locations found in the Promise of a Flower: Strike Campaign.

All Promise of a Flower Locations, Strike Intels Guide in Aliens Fireteam Elite

The Promise of a Flower is a campaign found in the DLC of Aliens Fireteam Elite called Pathogen. This new campaign is divided into 3 missions: Scout, Approach, and Strike. For Strike mission, you’ll need to locate intel from a spore pod bud, brute spine, and shed citin.

Obtaining all Intel in Promise of a Flower: Strike

There are 3 mission intel found in the Promise of a Flower: Strike mission.

Spore Pod Bud

You can find the first intel near the first quest marker. From the place you spawn, go left and straight until you reach a dead end. Proceed right until you reach an archway.

Before you go through the archway, you’ll notice a small staircase on your right. You’ll find the Spore Pod intel. Approach it and press the F key when you see the “INTEL: SPORE BUD” message.

Brute Spine

From the stone door, go straight. When you reach the center pillar, go left. There will be 3 pathways; choose the pathway on the right side. You are going to see a corpse with the “INTEL: BRUTE SPINE.” Interact with it and press F to obtain.

Shed Chitin

For the last intel in the Promise of a Flower: Strike mission, go left once you find yourself in the next area. Proceed right where you are going to find the “INTEL: SHED CHITIN” surrounded by tendrils and eggs.

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