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Warframe: How to Get the Aeolak and Is it Any Good

The Aeolak is one of the latest additions to the Angels of Zariman update. It’s a rifle that comes with two firing modes, but is it any good?




The Angels of Zariman update has brought forth a handful of new additions to the game. One of them is the Aeolak, an automated rifle that comes with two firing modes. The main one deals puncture damage while the alternate one deals blast damage as it charges a powerful round that explodes when it hits an enemy.

In this article, we’re going to look at the Aeolak, how to get it, and whether it’s good or not.

How to Get the Aeolak and Is It Any Good in Warframe

To get the Aeolak, you’ll have to farm the blueprints for its components first, as you would with any other weapons in the game.

You can obtain its main blueprint by doing Tier 4 Chrysalith bounties. Meanwhile, the barrel blueprint can be obtained from Void Cascade and the blueprints for both stock and receiver can be obtained from Void Flood.

True to Warframe fashion, this will involve a lot of farming. You can also trade with other players as long as you have enough currency. However, if you don’t want to go through the tedious farm, you can just buy the weapon straight from the shop for 225 Platinum.

Is It Any Good?

Damage-wise, the Aeolak is okay. It can deal some pretty decent damage on enemies, but if you run into beefy enemies, then the weapon starts losing its potential.

It can scale decently with extra investment, but then again, you’ll have to spend more just to make this weapon viable.

Also, it has a very slow projectile speed, which means that if you’re shooting at an enemy from a far distance, you’ll gonna have a hard time getting some headshots in.

Overall, it’s an okay weapon that will require some investment to make it work. There are other better weapons out there, but if you’re fine with experimenting, then you might want to give this one a shot.

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