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Treasure of Nadia: How to Make Grappling Hook?

One of the staples of video games, the Grappling Hook makes its appearance in Treasure of Nadia as well. Only you’ll have to build it yourself.




In order to help your friend Emily get all the ingredients for her love potion, you’ll need to get a plant called Crimson Ginseng. But it just so happens that it is located on top of a high ledge. To get it without breaking all of your bones, you’ll need a grappling hook.

How to Make Grappling Hook in Treasure of Nadia

Talk to Emily in the library and offer to help her with the love potion. She’ll lead you to a forest to look for the Crimson Ginseng. Your character will automatically attempt to get it, but he’ll only end up getting hurt.

So, you’ll need to find a different way to get the love potion ingredient – and it will require a grappling hook.

Treasure of Nadia: How to Make Grappling Hook?

To make a grappling hook, you’ll need two items – a Heavy Cord and a Steel Hook. The heavy Cord can be found at the Doctor’s workplace, while the Steel Hook has to be bought at Squallmart.

Then, just go to your inventory and integrate the two items, turning them into a grappling hook!

What is the Grappling Hook For?

Unfortunately, unlike in many other games, the Grappling Hook’s uses are very limited in Treasure of Nadia. You need it to get the Crimson Ginseg mentioned above and one other item called the Gaffer Tape.

Later, you’ll also use it to make another item – the pickaxe.

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World of Warcraft: How to Craft Iskaaran Harpoon | Head and Pole Locations

Iskaaran Harpoon can be found in Iskaara, Azure Span





The Iskaaran harpoon is a Fishing Gear that allows players to catch exceptionally big lunkers. Its reagents are Harpoon Head and Wooden Pole. Players want to know where to craft and how to craft this weapon.

Luckily, this guide will teach you exactly where and how to craft Iskaaran Harpoon. Let’s go.

How to Craft Iskaaran Harpoon?

To craft the Iskaaran Harpoon, you will need the help of Tavio, the fishing gear crafter. He sells fishing gear, Fishing gear upgrades, and Fishing spots. 

Tavio can be located in Iskaara, Azure Span. It’s near the Brackenhide Hollow dungeon.

Under Fishing gear, you can see the Iskaaran Harpoon. The reagents required for it is a Wooden pole and a Harpoon head. You can check the box on the upper right to track the recipe even when you’ve closed the window.

Next to Tavio, is a blacksmith. You can craft the required items in that area.

Once you’ve crafted them, you can return to Tavio and craft the Iskaaran Harpoon. That’s all you need to craft Iskaaran Harpoon!

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