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Torchlight Infinite: How to Craft

Learn everything you need to know about crafting after the Cube of Rapacity season.




You will be able to craft the affixes on your gear in Torchlight: Infinite. This will allow you to customize them and is also an important tool for empowering your character.

However, the crafting system has also recently received a complete overhaul! The Cube of Rapacity update greatly change how crafting works.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to craft in the current season of the game.

How to Craft in Torchlight Infinite

Crafting becomes available once you clear the game’s prologue and return to Embers’ Rest.

Once there, you just need to speak with the nearby Arms Dealer, Maud. He’ll quickly give you a tutorial on crafting and open his shop for you! Just speak with him anytime you wish to craft.

When you choose to craft, note that there are two different crafting modes: Prototype Crafting and Targeted Processing.

How Both Crafting Methods Work

Source: Official Torchlight Infinite YouTube Channel

Prototype Crafting allows you to lock up to two affixes on an item and re-roll the rest. Doing so will consume materials and will also drain the item’s Plasticity.

Source: Official Torchlight Infinite YouTube Channel

You won’t be able to further modify items once Plasticity reaches 0, so be very careful with re-rolling the affixes!

This is the basic crafting method and relies heavily on random chance. However, it’s also very simple and easy to use.

Source: Official Torchlight Infinite YouTube Channel

Targeted Processing, on the other hand, allows you to have more control over which affixes to apply.

However, it will also consume all remaining Plasticity on the item, so you won’t be able to do Prototype Crafting on it anymore.

This crafting method will also require Embers every time you craft. Embers come in a variety of types and each one provides a different set of affixes that can be used on your items.

Source: Official Torchlight Infinite YouTube Channel

Thanks to this, there’s a much smaller amount of randomization when using this Processed Targeting, making it easier to get what you want. It’s also much more likely to give you high Tier affixes.

You can also Reforge items after using Targeted Processing on them. This will reset them to the state they were in before you crafted them.

Source: Gamesfuze

Lastly, you can check where to find materials from within the game.

Click on the material’s icon and then click on the 3 horizontal lines. Now just click on “Drop Source” and the game will list every possible source for the material.

Most of the high-tier materials are only obtained in the endgame Netherrealm, however!

Nonetheless, now you know everything you need to know about crafting in the Cube of Rapacity Season.

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