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Torchlight Infinite: Ultimate Endgame Guide

Not sure how to tackle the endgame in Torchlight Infinite? We got you!




Once you managed to reach the endgame for Torchlight Infinite, you’ll end up running into all sorts of new stuff that can be pretty overwhelming if you’re a beginner.

You’ll find a lot of activities to take part in as well as different types of currencies that drop from these activities.

As such, we’ve created this guide to give you an overview of what the endgame looks like in Torchlight Infinite and how to navigate your way around it.

How the Endgame Works in Torchlight Infinite

Source: Vulkan

Torchlight Infinite pretty much shares the same mechanics as other ARPGs such as Diablo, Last Epoch, and Path of Exile. However, there are some nuances in them that somehow set them apart from the rest.

As you reach the endgame, the game will start dropping Beacons which are basically keys that you can use to enter maps where you can then farm even more keys.

Of course, you will be able to farm better gear while doing so which, in turn, allows you to tackle harder endgame content.

Source: Vulkan

As you start mapping, you have the option to choose between Normal and Hard difficulty. The Hard difficulty will spawn much stronger enemies in exchange for better loot drops.

Source: Vulkan

Now, the maps in Torchlight Infinite’s endgame are categorized into biomes. Each biome will have its own set of modifiers that will determine the difficulty of each map.

However, you won’t be able to enter a biome right away. You need to use a specific Beacon for each biome.

For example, you’ll need a Voidlands Beacon to access the Voidlands, a Glacial Abyss Beacon for the Glacial Abyss, and so on.

Timemark Mechanic

The endgame also features the Timemark mechanic which is basically a difficulty meter. Once you enter a map, you start at Timemark 1 which goes all the way to Timemark 9 as you clear it.

The higher the timemark, the tougher your enemies will be, and the map will also start spawning more and more of them. However, the higher you go, the better the potential loot is.

Maps and Modifiers

Maps in the endgame will have various modifiers that will affect various aspects of the map.

These modifiers will affect the difficulty of enemies inside while some can make running them downright impossible depending on your build.

That said, there are lots of activities you can come across while mapping. For example, there are trials that give you objectives that reward items upon completion.

The objectives you’ll get will vary, ranging from taking out multiple enemies to defending totems from enemies, and so on.


Unlike other ARPGs where you’ll be able to find the boss of any given map at a certain location, Torchlight Infinite is a bit different.

As you go clearing maps, you’ll earn Attention points which eventually build up as you clear more and more maps.

Once it reaches a certain threshold, you’ll then get the chance to challenge the boss of the biome itself.

Each biome will have a different boss called a Watcher, and while the prospect of attempting to kill them for Legendary items sounds exciting, these are not easy encounters.

You’ll need to prepare properly and learn their mechanics instead of charging in blind. As far as we know, there are a total of five Watchers, one for each biome (plane) which are as follows:

  • Blistering Lava Watcher
  • Glacial Abyss Watcher
  • Steel Forge Watcher
  • Thunder Wastes Watcher
  • Voidlands Watcher

Another endgame boss is called the Realm Lord Traveler which is a very powerful and challenging boss.

As the game’s current final boss, the Traveler can only be accessed once you collect 35 Cinders and reach the highest difficulty on all biomes.

In order to challenge the Traveler, you’ll need four items called Edict which you can only obtain from bosses in the Dark Surge.

If you manage to beat the Traveler, you’ll be able to obtain some very powerful gear that will significantly improve the overall power of your character.

Tips for Diving into the Endgame

Now that you have a look at what the endgame in Torchlight Infinite looks like, let’s now take a look at some useful tips you can follow:

  • Make sure to start from Normal difficulty once you reach the endgame. Don’t immediately head to the Hard difficulty as your character most likely won’t be able to survive.
  • As soon as you reach level 85, you can then switch to Hard difficulty. This way, you can get even better gear that you can use to progress even further.
  • Your ultimate goal will be to farm Precise Gems which will give your character a major power boost.
  • Make sure to unlock the Dark Surge mechanic as soon as possible once you reach Act 2. This is a Season-exclusive mechanic that will be pretty helpful for your progression all the way to the endgame.

Do your best to keep all these in mind in order to have a smooth experience as soon as you reach the endgame. Best of luck!

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