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Torchlight Infinite: Ultimate Crafting Guide | Enchanting Gear

Don’t leave your skills at level zero




Torchlight Infinite is an ARPG that went into Early Access this October 11 on Steam, so go catch it if you have not yet.

Like many games of its kind, Torchlight offers rich possibilities for builds and has mechanics such as Gear Empowerment, Enchanting, and Crafting. If you are looking to become stronger you are in the right place: in this guide, we will explain you all of them and give you tips for it

Arms Dealer

The first thing you will be doing is going into any big city of the game. Each one of them has an arms dealer, a kind of NPC that offers the three services we will be exploring in the article.

Image Credit: TrollGaming

Gear Empowerment

When you touch Gear Empowerment it will take you to a tab where you are shown pieces of your equipment (gear) for you to refine. If you click on a piece of gear you are able to see information about it, among which will be the Energy of the gear, a ‘stat’ shared in all of them no matter what.

Every piece of gear has an energy cap, dependent on the quality and level of the gear itself. Refining the equipment will raise (or lower if you get hit with bad luck) the energy of the equipment.

Why are we telling you this?

Because you use energy for Skills. If you go to your skill tab, you will see that skills are surrounded by five little circles that basically are buffs or extra effects for a certain skill.

Image Credit: TrollGaming

The total of your energy will sum up, and if you touch the circle button next to it, it will open up a window where you can see your skills in the respective upgrades you have chosen for them.

By clicking one you get the option to increase or decrease the amount of energy spent on one of these skills. That means that the more energy you have, the more you can upgrade your skills and the more strength.


The Enchant option opens a window that shows you your gear, letting you pick one to give it an affix, or what is the same: a buff. Only gears that don’t have already their maximum number of enchants can’t be selected, and legendary gear can not be enchanted.

Image Credit: TrollGaming

When you enchant you will get to choose first a category of enchantment, and then the “level” of the enchantment itself, signaled by the color of the little diamond-shaped dots. Purple ones are weaker than orange ones, for example, but cost less material to apply.

The effect of your selected gear will appear highlighted in green in the window with the weapon information at the right.

All enchants you select have a little RNG aspect to them. Selecting Gear physical damage for example will give you a window of increased damage where it could be from 7 to 9 extra damage, and you can get any value between those.

Though you can enchant gear multiple times, generally speaking, it is usually best to do it only once. A second enchant (or post-fix) will delete one of the post-fix values of your gear, replacing it by the new one, so if you are thinking of post-fixing you better be sure that the enchant you are giving your equipment is definitely more useful than what it currently has.


Crafting is quite similar to Enchanting in that it affects the same area of the gear that Enchanting does: your gear’s fixes, and unlike enchanting you can select to craft gear that already has the max number of fixes.

Image Credit: TrollGaming

As you can see, selecting a gear will take it to a window where you have to choose an Ember. Embers are basically a bunch of fixes packed together that follow a certain theme.

The Essence Ember focuses on increasing all forms of elemental damage, and the Amplified Ember focuses on increasing melee, ailment projectile, spell damage, etc. When you Craft, one of the listed prefixes of the ember will replace one of your current gear’s pre-fix.

To craft you need, besides the Embers, Elementiums. Alongside other methods you can get those by trading gear with a Trader, also found in the big cities.

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