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The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe: How to Get the “Other Games” Ending

The Stanley Parable is known for having a ton of endings, and the release of the Ultra Deluxe edition introduced a few new endings, one of which is the “Other Games” ending.




If you’ve played the original The Stanley Parable, then you might have already heard or even personally unlocked the Games Ending in which Stanley is taken to various game worlds including that of Minecraft, Portal, as well as the original concept version of the game.

With the release of the Ultra Deluxe edition, a brand new and unique ending has been introduced which is in a way similar to the Games Ending. This is known as the “Other Games” Ending. Basically, instead of taking you to the games mentioned above, this one will take you to Firewatch and Rocket League.

Of course, the steps required to unlock this ending are quite different than that of the original, and that’s what we’re going to talk about.

How to Get the “Other Games” Ending

To get this ending, you’ll have to find the path to it which is not far from the Outer Space ending. To do so, you should enter the right door in the beginning, then go past the employee lounge and go all the way until you reach the cargo bay room. From here, take the lift up then jump down to the catwalk.

Here, you’ll find a red and blue door. Similar to the Games ending, you’ll want to take the blue door on this one, but you’ll have to do it THREE times. On your third try, you’ll notice that the blue door is now located behind you.

Just go through that door where the Narrator will finally allow you and you will come across an area with the game still “unfinished”. Here, the Narrator will take you to the two-door room but with a third orange door appearing this time.

Go through that door and you’ll find 5 buttons, numbering 1 to 5. You’ll need to click button #5 to find your way to the three-door room. Once again, enter the orange door and press button #5 for the second time. It’s at this point where the Narrator will allow you to test his other game.

This will take you to the game in the Art Ending where you’ll have to prevent a cardboard cutout baby from crawling to the fire. If you’ve already done that ending, you’ll already know that it requires you to play the game for four hours straight.

This time, however, you’ll want to fail that game. In the original version, failing the game will take you to the Games ending. In this one, however, the Narrator will suggest you play his OTHER games. These games are none other than Firewatch and Rocket League.

Playing the Games

You can play Firewatch first. Once you start playing, you’ll want to head down to the watchtower and then look for the dirt road. Keep on following it until the Narrator blocks your path, not liking the fact that you can freely move around in the game. Instead, he will send you to the other game which is Rocket League.

If you’re familiar with the game, then you already know that you’ll need to score a goal while riding a car. This pretty much plays the same. After you kick the ball into one of the goals, head over there to find a hole. Jump down into it.

You can continue to play, but the game will automatically restart and you’ll find yourself back in Stanley’s office once again.

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