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The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe: How to Get the “Essence of True Art” Ending

The Essence of True Art ending in The Stanley Parable requires you to follow a grueling process of playing a game for four hours straight to finally unlock it.




If you’re ready for some really long-ass minigame to unlock the Essence of True Art ending, then continue reading this article. It’s somehow similar to the Other Games ending, except that this one takes FOUR LONG HOURS to complete.

Let’s have a look at the steps you need to follow to unlock this.

How to Get the “Essence of True Art” Ending in The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

To start, you’ll want to go through the right door, make your way past the employee lounge, then go all the way until you reach the cargo bay area.

Similar to the Other Games ending, you’ll also want to take the lift up and then drop down to the catwalk.

Follow the path until you arrive at an area with a red and blue door. Like the steps for the Other Games ending, go through the blue door three times until you find the door to be right behind you.

Enter it once again and you’ll come across an area where the game is still “unfinished”.

The Narrator will then take you back to the room with the two doors, but this time, an orange door will appear.

Simply enter the new door to find 5 buttons numbering 1 to 5. Click on button #5 to return to the three-room door.

Enter the orange door once again and press button #5 for the second time. The Narrator will then allow you to test his other game called “Save the Baby”.

How to Play the Game

The premise of this game is simple: you have to prevent the baby from crawling into the fire by pushing the switch.

Albeit simple, the truth is you’ll have to keep on playing the game for FOUR HOURS straight!

After a while, you’ll then have to stop a puppy from getting eaten by piranhas. Similar to the baby one, this will also take you four hours to complete.

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