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Running With Rifles: How to Get Resource Points / RP

You can receive Resource Points in Running with Rifles by doing several tasks. However, there are a few ways you can do to farm them more efficiently.




In Running with Rifles, you can earn Resource Points every time you perform a task. You can then use these points to purchase equipment from an armory. However, if you do happen to run out of RP, then there are tons of things you can do to earn them efficiently.

Let’s get started.

How to Get Resource Points/RP in Running with Rifles

To see your current RP information, what you need to do is hold down the F key to open your inventory. You can then see your current RPs right below your XP.

That said, here are the activities you can do to earn Resource Points in the game:

  • Destroy enemy vehicles
  • Get promoted to a higher rank
  • Spot an enemy vehicle
  • Sell your valuable items to the armory. You can find these valuables from enemy soldiers.
  • Sell rare weapons which you can loot from minibosses or special crates
  • Capture a base
  • Destroy mission targets. These will include things like a water tower, mortars, radar tower, comms truck, prisoner bus, etc.
  • Steal the enemy team’s cargo truck then take it to your armory

Once you managed to do all these activities, you should have enough Resource Points.

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