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PlanetSide 2: How to Get Certs?

If you want to unlock new equipment and abilities, you are going to need some certification points.




In PlanetSide 2, certification points are the primary currency that you’ll use to progress through the game. They are used to unlock Certifications, which range from new class abilities to improving items and vehicles.

Basically, if you want to get more powerful and have a wider variety of options to fight your enemy, you are going to need a lot of these. However, there are a lot of ways of getting them, and farming some points is all about knowing what method works best for you.

How to Get Certs in Planetside 2

There are a lot of methods to get Certs, tied to the natural progression and gameplay of the game. You have a cap of 10,000 Certs on regular accounts, and any you get past that point is lost. The only exception to this is Certs gained from Medals.

Let’s see the different methods:

XP Method

Getting XP is going to be your bread and butter for Certs. You get 1 Cert for each 250 XP. If you have any experience boosts, these will also help you increase the rate at which you acquire Certs. There isn’t a limit to Certs acquired via XP.


You can get Certs for the medals you get on every weapon. Each medal has a specific kill requirement and grants a specific number of Certs. The total of Certs you can get on each weapon is 232 after getting all medals. The different medals are:

  • Copper: Requires 10 kills and gives you 2 Certs.
  • Silver: Requires 60 kills and gives you 10 Certs.
  • Gold: Requires 160 kills and gives you 20 Certs.
  • Auraxium: Requires 1160 kills and gives you 200 Certs.

Service Ribbons

You can get Certs whenever you get a service ribbon. Service ribbons grant you 250 XP, which is enough to get 1 Cert. You can get them from many different actions such as kills with specific weapons, healing yourself or allies, and hacking terminals.

Battle Ranks

You can earn a total of 9,900 Certs from leveling up your Battle Rank. You get 100 Certs for each rank, up to 100. However, ranks past 100 and ranks in the advanced specialization program don’t grant any Certs.

Certs for Premium Players and Bundles

Having a premium membership will give you 48 Certs every 24 hours on all your characters, though you have to log in to get them. However, they don’t stack past 48, so make sure to claim them every day. Premium members also have their max Cert cap increased from 10,000 to 50,000.

You can also get 2,000 Certs from the Elite Recruit bundle offer that new players receive during their first 72 hours.

Other Sources of Certification points

You can get some extra points by performing specific actions with some classes. If you play as a medic, reviving your teammates will net you some points. For engineers, playing with a MAX vehicle does the trick. Finally, heavy assault players can get points by taking down aircraft vehicles.

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