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King Arthur Knight’s Tale: How to Release Characters & Heroes

Choosing which heroes you want on your Round Table plays a substantial part in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.




Whether on the battlefield or not, every choice you make in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale matters as it significantly affects what happens to you later on. Maintaining your knights, managing your kingdom’s finances, and making sure none of your people turn their backs on you are some of the things you will need to do. But sometimes, you need to release heroes. What do you need to do to get rid of one?

How to Release Characters & Heroes in King Arthur Knight’s Tale

During your journey in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, you will eventually meet up with the heroes of the famous Arthurian Legends. Each has unique skills and traits, and their loyalty will depend on their past and morality. When you decide which Knights to put on the Round Table, you might get to the point where you will have to dismiss one to free up space for the newly selected Hero.

Character’s Sheet

There is an “Aspirant Heroes” tab at your Round Table where four additional heroes can be recruited. However, these heroes cannot be used and partake in missions if you don’t add them to your Round Table.

If your Round Table is fully upgraded to host 12 heroes, you will need to free up some space and release one. To do so, go to your chosen hero’s Character Sheet, and on the top-left corner, you see a small boot icon that says Dismiss Hero.

Click on it if you’ve already decided. Keep in mind that heroes are permanently removed when you change your roster.

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