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King Arthur Knight’s Tale: How to Heal Injuries

In the NEW King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, every move you make is irreversible. This means that whatever action you commit will have consequences later.




King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is an RPG interpretation of the Arthurian legends. One mission allows for only four characters, and there are six classes to choose from: three melees and three ranged. Having a ranged character in the party helps reduce the enemies your close-range fighters will face. But what happens when most of your characters get injured?

How to Heal Injuries in King Arthur Knight’s Tale

Games like King Arthur: Knight’s Tale certainly brings out the tactician in you as you battle many enemies and fight your way towards defeating King Arthur. Fortunately, you can create multiple parties, allowing your warriors to rest in the Hospice. If they don’t get any, their vigor will deteriorate. However, when it comes to injuries, the Cathedral is your best stop.

The Cathedral

As soon as you start the game, you might want to get the Cathedral and the Hospice to avoid struggling later. The latter is used for your warriors to rest and regain Vitality, while the Cathedral is where you can heal their injuries.

It’s essential to keep a close eye on your characters’ health as you play the game. This is because resurrecting fallen characters can be difficult. Besides, some injuries hit harder than others, making it challenging to treat them.

Make it a habit to let your characters rest in the Hospice after every mission, so you won’t be at a disadvantage.

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