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KAKU Ancient Seal: Wind Curtain Puzzle Solution

Can’t seem to get around the Wind Curtain puzzle? We have the solution for that!




You’ll run into a bunch of puzzles during your playthrough of KAKU: Ancient Seal. While some are optional, some are mandatory so you can progress through a specific area.

One of these puzzles is the Wind Curtain puzzle which you’ll find in the Howling Snowfield area.

Most of the puzzles in this area involve the wind element, though there are some key differences between each of them.

In this guide, we’ll show you the solution to the Wind Curtain puzzle.

How to Solve the Wind Curtain Puzzle in KAKU: Ancient Seal

Before you can start solving the Wind Curtain puzzle, you have to first head to this location on the map:

Source: Aberukun

Once you get there, you’ll be able to find the portal that will lead you to the Underground Ruins. As soon as you enter, you’ll be immediately greeted by the Wind Curtain puzzle.

Source: Aberukun

To start, you want to hop onto these green platforms right in front of you. Once you step onto a platform, it will then turn purple.

Start on the center, then hop onto the left one, and finally hop onto the right.

Source: Aberukun

After that, a propeller will emerge in the center. Jump onto it to propel you upward so you can reach the other platform on the other side.

From there, you’ll then see a lever in the middle. However, you won’t be able to activate it right away. To do so, you first have to step on the two platforms on the far left and right sides of the area.

You’ll notice that right before each platform is a symbol on the ground. Make sure you match the symbol on the platform with the one on the ground by jumping on the platform a few times.

Once you’re then, go back to the middle and activate the lever.

The Final Puzzle

After pulling the lever, you can then proceed to the final puzzle up ahead. The gist is to match the symbols on the platforms to the ones on the wall.

It should result in a similar image as the one above. To solve this, all you have to do is to hop onto the platforms in the exact order. This isn’t as complicated as you think.

You can use this image as a reference:

To start, jump on the middle platform in the first row then the left platform in the second row. After that, proceed to the middle platform in the third row and the right platform back in the second row.

Once you’re done, hop on one of the propellers to take you upward to the next area. You’ll be able to see a chest up ahead. Open it to obtain some Essences of Health and Stamina.

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