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For The King: How to Unlock Gladiator

The Gladiator is a strong character that’s capable of wiping out enemies and inflicting debuffs using a polearm and a shield. However, you’ll need to unlock him first before you can get the chance to use him.




The Gladiator comes with a high-Speed stat which can compete with the likes of the Hunter and Trapper. This means that he can take initiative during battles. With both a polearm and a shield, the Gladiator is rather flexible and can be used for both offensive and defensive tactics.

Since it’s built with Awareness and Strength in mind, the Gladiator really works well with weaponry. However, how do you unlock this character?

How to Unlock Gladiator in For the King

If you want to get a hold of the Gladiator character, you should first enter the Parched Waste. This will be available during a Lost Civilization campaign wherein you’ll have to pick a path that’s connected to the main storyline of your adventure.

From the Parched Waste, head over to Hasta city where you’ll get a quest instructing you to find the Local Arena. After that, you’ll then have to fight your way through the arena until you get the chance to fight The Champ.

After defeating The Champ, you’ll then be able to find the Gladiator in the Lore Store. You can purchase the character for 15 lore.

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