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For The King: How to Revive Dead Player

Once your party is wiped out in For The King, you will be left with no choice but to restart the game.




For The King is a difficult strategic RPG game. Planning beforehand is essential to survive and progress throughout the game. Once all your characters are dead and there are no more hearts left in the life pool, there will be no other choice but to reset the progress. Fortunately, and thankfully, there is an option to revive dead players and prevent a complete wipeout.

How to Revive Dead Player in For The King

One party consists of three heroes that you can control individually or with one or two other players cooperatively. The best way to play and win is by cooperating with other players.

Since this is a strategic game, players should be ready with the necessary preparations to survive. The moment all of your characters die, you will be forced to start the game all over again. This is why it’s crucial to prevent your characters from losing all HP and revive them when they’re dead. You wouldn’t want to restart everything and put all your efforts to waste, would you?

Reviving Dead Player

As you progress in the game, you can’t deny the inevitable as one of your party members will die eventually. You can resurrect the downed character as long as you have points left in your “Life Pool”, indicated by hearts directly below the timeline.

To revive a dead party member, simply move one of your remaining characters to the hex where the dead player is located and press A. Completing this will give you the Field Medic achievement.


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