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Enshrouded: Ultimate Optimization Guide | Increase FPS

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Enshrouded: Ultimate Optimization Guide | Increase FPS

With Enshrouded finally released, players from around the world jumped right in, in hopes of enjoying this revolutionary survival RPG they have been waiting for since early access. However, many were left disappointed when they realized they could not optimize the game for maximum performance. That is, they encountered Enshrouded Optimization issues.

That’s where we come in. In today’s article, we’ll give you a step-by-step optimization guide for Enshrouded and some tips on how to increase FPS. Without wasting any more time, let’s get to it.

Ultimate Optimization Guide | Increase FPS

Enshrouded on Steam

We will start this guide by going over the basic settings first. In the game’s menu, head over to the Settings Menu where you will see some of the more general stuff. Here, you will want to go to Fullscreen mode and set the resolution so that it matches your monitor

You can keep your field of view at its default setting, although this can be altered to suit everyone’s personal preferences. It will not have an impact on FPS. Moving further with the Settings, go ahead and disable V-Sync and set Anti-Aliasing to DLSS or FSR2 depending on what graphics card you have.

Enshrouded Optimization Settings basics
Source: TroubleChute

Do note that DLSS is only available to NVIDIA RTX users.

What most players will want to set up however is the general Quality Preset in the Display settings. Here you have multiple options: Quality, Performance, Max. Performance, etc. This for the most part depends on the rig you are using. You can toggle between different options to see which suits you best. However, we do recommend starting at Quality.

Enshrouded Optimization Settings Quality Presets

Moving down further, we have the Texture Quality setting. This again depends on what rig you have, however, do note that increasing or decreasing this will not have a major effect on your FPS rate. If your graphics card has 3GB of VRAM, set it to performance, 4GB, set it to balanced, and 6GB, set it to quality.

Shadow Quality on the other hand has a major impact on performance. As such, we highly recommend leaving it at Balanced for maximum enjoyment and performance. For Contact Shadows, you can feel free to leave this turned on as it has virtually no effect on the FPS rate.

Indirect Lighting is another setting that has a significant impact on your FPS. When in doubt, set it to Balanced and work your way up to best match your rig. Never set it to Max. Quality, it will break the game!

Enshrouded Optimization Settings indirect lighting

As you scroll down, there will be increasingly more options to choose from. These are Volumetric Shadow Quality, SSAO, Distant Objects, Small Foliage, etc. When it comes to all of this, increasing the quality will have a moderate impact on your game’s FPS rate. This means that if you set it to Balanced, you can either work your way up or down. To see which option suits you best.

The main thing to remember here is that the lower the setting, the better the performance, and vice versa. There has to be a trade-off always.

Once you have done everything as instructed, save the game, and exit it entirely. That is, restart your game. Once you jump back in, you will notice that your performance has increased considerably and you can now enjoy your game to the fullest.

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