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Diablo Immortal: How to Auto Run

Diablo Immortal is the newest game release from Blizzard. Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play online game that supports cross-platform functionality.




Though it is primarily designed for play on mobile devices, PC Users are also welcome to enjoy this online-only game. In Diablo Immortal, players are to battle against an ancient evil and fight against the legions of Hell either individually or in raids of up to eight players. 

How to Auto Run | Auto Running 101 – Diablo Immortal

Auto running is an easier way to move, especially for a player who enjoys playing for an extended period. However, you will get tired of navigating through the Map manually. In addition, Auto running in Diablo Immortal is not an automatic advantage.

Unlike other MMO games that allow you Auto Run from the beginning of your play, Diablo Immortal requires that you must have progressed far enough into the game story to unlock this tactic.

Auto Running 101

Now let’s break down how this process works.

To Auto Run, the first thing to do is open the Map. You’ll find the Map in the top right corner of the game, and then you put a Custom Pin down by clicking on a named location or setting a waypoint manually by tapping the screen.

Once auto running starts, you will see white-color footsteps on the floor in front of your character. However, you should note that while you’re in this mode, your character cannot attack, defend, open chests, or collect loot (unless you have auto-loot enabled). To stop auto-run in Diablo Immortal, tap anywhere on the screen.

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