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Warframe: How to Play Void Cascade in the New Update Angels of Zariman

The Void Cascade is a new Endless type mission introduced in the Angels of Zariman update alongside Void Armageddon and Void Flood.




As mentioned, Void Cascade is an Endless type of mission that plunges you deep into Zariman to cleanse Void-possessed Exolizers in order to bring balance to Zariman’s systems.

The mechanics of this new game mode can be somehow confusing for those who haven’t tried it yet, so I’ll try to make it as simple as possible.

How to Play Void Cascade in the New Update Angels of Zariman in Warframe

In Void Cascade, your main goal is to stop the Void by using Exolizers, which are advanced tech used by the Zarimans. However, even that won’t be able to resist the Void for long, so the task of purging the Zarimans of the Void will fall on your hands.

Void-possessed Exolizers are well-protected by the Void, so you’ll have to go into Operator mode to cleanse the Exolizer of any Void.

You can see the possessed and purged Exolizers alongside the gauge which shows the level of a Cascade-level disaster that might fall on the ship.

If you manage to clean an Exolizer, you’ll then have to fight the possessing Thrax Centurian. However, you have to kill it quickly, otherwise, it will just repossess another Exolizer and just quicken the occurrence of the disaster.

As you cleanse more Exolizers, things will become a lot more chaotic. As such, focus and skill will play a major role here to make sure you cleanse as many Exolizers as possible the longer you stay.

Alternatively, you can flee from the battle to obtain your rewards, though you’ll need to purge four Exolizers first to do so.

What Happens If You Fail?

In the event that you fail, you’ll then be extracted. As such, to increase your chances of success, you’ll have to coordinate with other players and be readily prepared with the right Warframes.

Hope this guide helps you on your journey. Good luck!

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