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Undisputed Game – Beginners Guide

Fight like your life depends on it!

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undisputed game beginners guide

Back in high school I still remember fighting WWE and Fight Night on my PSP and it was clearly the first time I experienced sports but in terms of gaming I’m pretty sure some of you are new to UFC games and if you somewhat are confused and don’t know what to do when you play the game you better check this out so that you’ll at least have an idea on what to do.

Make certain to finish all tutorials.

undisputed game beginners guide2

The in-depth and thorough UFC tutorial is the best way to get ready for a battle in the arena. The UFC Undisputed 3 tutorial will provide you with a strong foundation upon which to develop your unique play style. It covers everything from the fundamentals of striking to the complexities of the ground game.

undisputed game beginners guide3

The tutorial can be replayed at any point after you finish it, even if the sheer number of controls can be overwhelming to comprehend all at once.

Learning how to use all of UFC Undisputed 3’s controls will not only make you a better well-rounded fighter, but it will also give you an advantage whether playing against a friend or the computer.

Practice leads to progress

undisputed game beginners guide4

The fact that you will become more accustomed to UFC Undisputed 3’s gameplay the more you play it shouldn’t come as a surprise. You’ll be surprised to learn how each fighter controls so differently with a roster of 150 competitors.

undisputed game beginners guide5

It’s acceptable to play a lot of exhibition matches on the easier difficulty settings to discover the different strike types each fighter can deliver or which fighters are stronger at bringing the battle to the ground.

undisputed game beginners guide6

Every fighter possesses a number of standard, rapid, and distinctive technique blows that they can employ at various distances. It’s better to understand when and how to use those strikes when you have the opportunity to practice rather than in the middle of a conflict that could be damaging to your career or your reputation online.

Bring your best self to the competition.

undisputed game beginners guide7

Even though TKOs and knockouts are the two most common ways for fights to end in Undisputed 3, knowing when and how to take an opponent down can still help you win. Although the ground game is a significant part of MMA, it is most crucial to use it when your fighter is being rocked.

undisputed game beginners guide8

Your fighter will become disoriented and incredibly vulnerable after receiving several punches to the head. It might only take a couple more strikes to finish you. It’s best to clinch up with your opponent or try for a takedown at this stage.

Getting the takedown or clinch will not only place you in a better position of control, but it will also prevent your opponent from striking you while you are still in the haze of punch drunkenness.

undisputed game beginners guide9

A well-timed takedown can make the difference between a fight ending and the momentum shifting back in your favor, even if you decide to stand up again soon away once you restore composure.

Know your controls.

undisputed game beginners guide10

A completely different set of controls take effect when you are on the ground. You would realize the transition is the key to a strong ground game if you heeded our advice and completed the course. The new “amateur” transition control scheme for new players in this year’s Undisputed version.

undisputed game beginners guide11

The “amateur” controls simplify transitions down to a simple flick of the right stick, however you lose some technical proficiency. While flicking down attempts a large transition, flicking up forces your player to attempt a small transition, which will advance them progressively into a better position.

Major transitions put your fighter in a better position more quickly, but they may also be reversed easily, which could result in your opponent flipping you onto your back.

undisputed game beginners guide12

With experience, you will learn when to use major and minor moves and when to transition, but mastering the ground game can give you a decisive advantage in the octagon.

Punch, Block and Move Away

undisputed game beginners guide13

Another crucial strategy for avoiding injury from attacks is blocking. Your cute tiny face won’t get damaged if you use the UFC sway technique. Your fighter will bob his head and shoulders away from a strike in the direction you flicked by holding down the top right button and using the left stick in any direction.

undisputed game beginners guide14

The swing must be timed properly. If you try it too late, you’ll still get hit, but it will hurt less. If you do it too soon, your adversary will have time to adjust and may strike you as you return to the middle.

The right timing of your evasion will not only keep you out of harm’s path, but it will also allow you to deliver a stunning counterpunch or kick.

undisputed game beginners guide15

Furthermore, there isn’t really a motive to face your opponent and fight them. Before their opponent has a chance to do any damage, the finest fighters know how to jump in for a few quick strikes and withdraw.

undisputed game beginners guide16

Long-term success is only possible if you keep moving and keep your feet light. By fast tapping the left stick twice in the direction you want your fighter to move, you may quickly hop in and out of the path in any direction.

undisputed game beginners guide17

Unless your opponent has a clear advantage over you, the quick hop will almost always put you back out of reach. Keeping your fighter on the run and out of your opponent’s line of sight will annoy them and perhaps make them more hostile. By swaying and contradicting them, you can quickly change the tide of the battle in your favor.

The Difficulty of Submitting Outweighs the Risk

undisputed game beginners guide18

There are many positive aspects to the new submission method used in UFC Undisputed 3. To begin with, you are no longer required to break your wrist spinning the right stick in order to submit or avoid being submitted. In the game this year, whenever a submission is engaged, a new mini-game appears in the center of the screen. Those attempting a submission will circle an octagon while chasing their opponent’s colored bar in an effort to pin them down.

undisputed game beginners guide19

The submission bar builds up faster the longer you can contain your opponent’s bar. You merely need to stay out of reach long enough to get away if you want to avoid being submitted.

The person being submitted may find it easier to try to escape, but the one trying to submit has one clever tactic at their disposal.

undisputed game beginners guide20

Your bar will start in whichever direction you click the right stick in. By clicking the stick to the right, the default beginning position for the other player’s bar, you can get a head start on filling up the meter. It’s a reflex battle, but the satisfaction you experience when you submit or are forced to submit is unmatched.

Take Pride in your Fights!

undisputed game beginners guide21

You will get the opportunity to compete in the Japanese Pride league for the first time in the Undisputed series. The rule set is not just different, but it also permits far bloodier battles. Pride fights always start with a ten-minute opening round and go on for three or five five-minute rounds, as opposed to the UFC, which uses either three or five five-minute rounds.

undisputed game beginners guide22

Pride battles don’t take place in an octagon but rather in a boxing ring, and competitors are allowed to knee and kick knocked-out foes in the head and face. Such head injuries are extremely tough to recover from and will end a battle in a flash. Furthermore, Pride judges tend to score fights mainly on aggression and injuries, whereas UFC judges also consider technique and takedowns when scoring a fight.

undisputed game beginners guide23

Even while it’s still very difficult for a fight to go the distance, especially under the harsher regulations, it’s still helpful to know what kind of tactics the judges will favor if the fight ends in a decision.

UFC: Exhibition

undisputed game beginners guide24

You’ll spend a lot of time practicing here while playing offline in an effort to improve. You can select either the UFC or Pride regulations, a weight division, the number of rounds, and customize the difficulty levels to suit your preferences.

undisputed game beginners guide25

If you spend some time in studying fighting tactics, you can learn a lot about the different fighters and how they control the fight. With enough perseverance, you can progress from “Beginner” to “Advanced” in just a few days because you can change the difficulty settings after each individual combat.

UFC: Career Mode

undisputed game beginners guide26

When you’re not playing online, you should use Career to put your newly acquired talents to the test. Exhibition is a terrific place to learn how to play. You can invite yourself to exclusive Pride events by creating a fighter or selecting one of the UFC athletes already on the roster to transfer from the World Fighting Championship to the UFC.

undisputed game beginners guide27

By practicing, you’ll develop a character from scratch and pick up new fighting skills from five of the real-world training grounds that many UFC fighters frequent.

If you choose a difficulty setting, you’re stuck with it for the remainder of your career (50 battles). As a result, practice in Exhibition to find the right level of difficulty that still presents a challenge.

UFC: Title Mode

undisputed game beginners guide28

In title mode, a fun little game type, you choose a fighter from a specific weight class and attempt to move them up the contender ladder so they can win the UFC title.

undisputed game beginners guide29

Winning the belt opens Title Defense mode, which can be completed in anywhere between 6 and 8 fights. You can only lose in the Title mode four times before having to choose a new fighter and restart. To utilize in Title Defense, any fighter you use to accomplish Title mode will be unlocked.

UFC: Tournament

undisputed game beginners guide30

A tournament is the ideal way to decide who the best UFC Undisputed 3 player is if you’re having a few buddies over. You can hold a tournament with 4, 8, or 16 players and choose between UFC or Pride rule sets.

undisputed game beginners guide31

Damage sustained does carry over from battle to fight, but you must commit to a weight class. Between matches, fighters will recover a little amount, but the longer the tournament, the more damage the final two fighters will have to deal with.

A multiplayer Pride Grand Prix-style event may only be put up in this manner.

UFC: Ultimate Fights

undisputed game beginners guide32

Ultimate Fights mode places you in the roles of the two fighters as you attempt to perform a series of tasks that will either change the path of the fight or recreate it as accurately as possible. This mode recreates some of the most famous fights in UFC and Pride history.

undisputed game beginners guide33

Although you can play the bouts on any actual difficulty setting you like, each fighter’s tasks have a separate difficulty rating. When you engage in combat, a mission will appear at the bottom of your screen.

The game gives you a limited amount of time to do it before introducing a new assignment, and the majority of battles contain close to a dozen different tasks for you to complete.

undisputed game beginners guide34

For putting in the time and effort, completing all the requirements for each given fight will unlock unique videos that feature highlights from the actual event.

UFC: Event Mode

undisputed game beginners guide35

In contrast to Tournament mode, which enables you to put up a single bracketed event for a single weight class, Event mode enables you to design a whole pay-per-view or Fight Night event.

With the glitz and glamour of a true UFC or Pride show, you may schedule title matches as well as ordinary fights in various weight divisions.

undisputed game beginners guide36

The online menu has a selection for downloading events as well. Occasionally, THQ and Yuke’s will produce real PPV cards for you to download in time for the actual event.

UFC:  Online

undisputed game beginners guide37

It’s time to take your abilities online after you feel you have what it takes to compete against the top of the best. The only true fighting option is exhibition, and like before, you can choose to play under UFC or Pride regulations.

undisputed game beginners guide38

Additionally, you can enroll in online Fight Camps. In the Fight Camp, you can spar with other pals and raise the status of your camp by winning online.

There are no genuine advantages or disadvantages to joining or avoiding a camp. For pals who still want to connect online despite the lack of cooperative play, it’s just a pleasant extra. The community can download your created fighter if you upload it online for them to download. Additionally, you are able to upload highlight reels of your best fights. You can also download the works and reels of other players if you so desire.

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