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Superfuse: Beginners Guide | Berserker & Sub-Classes

Not sure what class you’re going to use? Read this guide!

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superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes

Superfuse is an action hack and slash RPG game with a superhero theme that was developed by Stitch Heads Entertainment. Since this game was just released last year, some of you may be new players who just started playing it and are uncertain what to do with the characters. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on this as we’re going to guide you on this one!

Berserker Class

superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes2

One of the three playable classes in Superfuse at the moment is the Berserker Class, who is the only one with all three talent trees available from the start. This allows players to experiment with up to three distinct starting skill and talent trees.

superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes3

The first is Brute Force, which focuses primarily on producing damage with fists or weapons like Knuckle Dusters to earn benefits when you engage in fight.

While skills can vary, being in the front and center of a team composition increases your ability to take hits and deal damage in situations where others cannot.

superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes4

Power Punch is your initial skill, and it’s great for dealing with multiple enemies at once because it throws a big fist projectile a short distance in front of you to do damage in a radius in front.

superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes5 1

The following talent you’ll learn is called Provoke, and it functions as a taunt mechanic, however it’s not very effective in solitary battles.

superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes6

In Co-Op modes, you attract enemies to yourself rather than your colleagues.

The next attack you add to your arsenal is called Slam, which combines a projectile attack with a melee attack and a weapon attack to provide all types of fuses the opportunity to produce a powerful and adaptable talent.

superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes7

Leap is a skill that allows you to leap through the air and land with a strong shockwave.

Combat Power

superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes8
  • Frenzy – Every third blow in a deadly combo attack, you injure everyone around you.
  • Rally – Shout a rallying cry to get more allies nearby as well as defensive stats.
  • A Heavy Strike is an effective single-target melee attack.
  • Tornado – Continue a tornado that hits everyone in your vicinity.

Lightning power

superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes9
  • Toss a Lightning Bolt to your intended destination.
  • Energize yourself with lightning, and your attacks and spells will deliver more lightning damage.
  • Deploy a Shield of Lightning to deflect strikes from a distance.
  • Thunder: a launch into the air followed by a delayed descent that causes damage to everything in its vicinity.

Elementalist Class

superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes10

She can handle even the most difficult combat scenarios with a dramatic flair due to the precision and devastation of her attacks, which control and decimate the battlefield. When the circumstance demands it, not scared to close the distance.

Fire Power

  • Fireball – Fire a fireball in the direction you want it to go.
  • Torch – Envelop yourself in flames while causing damage to any enemies nearby and fast replenishing your energy.
  • Combust – Cause the air around you to catch fire, harming everyone nearby.
  • Blaze – Kick fire towards the direction of your target, then with the next kick, create a fire swiping motion in front of you.
  • Create a raging Inferno of flames at your chosen target place.
  • Call down a Meteor to cause damage where it lands by crashing down in the desired area.
Ice Power
superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes11
  • Frost Blades – Every third strike hits adversaries in a radius as you grow ice blades on your arms and strike in the direction you have selected.
  • Ice Shard – Launch an ice shard in the direction of your intended target.
  • Chill – Make an area around you that freezes all enemies.
  • Glacier – Stomping the ground causes ice to crackle forward, damaging anything in its path.
  • Ice Wall – Create an ice wall at your specified area; when it is broken, the wall’s individual sections can be destroyed.
  • Comet – Jumping and forming a comet, it slams on some ice, breaking the comet.

Technomancer Class

superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes12

Metal is controlled by the Technomancer. Capable of using scrap as a weapon against their enemies or conjuring minions to do their bidding.

Metal Power
  • Metal shard – fire a metal shard at the target area, leaving a metal scrap behind.
  • Salvage – Get a short regeneration boost by recalling junk to your target area.
  • Impale – produces a spike at the specified position that harms foes as it moves there.
  • Scrap Ball – create a whirling ball of junk that flies through the air, harming anything in its path and attracting adjacent metal from your other skills, expanding its radius.
  • Bolt Storm – Consume all the metal in your close surroundings to direct them toward their destination.
Minions Power
superfuse beginners guide berserker sub classes13 3
  • Buzzjaw – produce a minion with melee damage.
  • Decoy – a decoy minion that attracts the attention of the opponent.
  • Lazerbeak – generate a ranged-attacking minion.
  • Tekhead – assemble a trusty minion.
  • Construct – Construct a metal minion using an enemy as a template.

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