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The Finals: Complete Light Guide | Season 1

Are you a light main? Check out our Light tips and tricks!




Light Class The Finals

For those diving into The Finals, mastering the Light class is a game-changer. With a low-skill floor and a sky-high skill ceiling, this class offers a unique blend of risk and reward that’s perfect for competitive play.

Complete Light Guide

Abilities, Weapons, & Gadgets


  • Cloak: My go-to choice for its unparalleled outplay and scouting potential. It’s not just about getting up close; it’s about strategic positioning and effective communication.
  • Dash: While it has its uses, the inability to scout as effectively makes it less attractive for competitive play.
  • Grapple: Great for mobility, but unless you’re vaulting boxes or dodging, its competitive utility is questionable.


  • XP54: Easy to control and a tracking beast; it’s a solid choice.
  • L1: With the fastest TTK and a high headshot multiplier, it’s a top pick for those with precise aim.
  • VSS9: Once dominant, now overshadowed by the XP54 in overall effectiveness.
XP-54 in The Finals


  • Glitch Grenades: The backbone of the Light class. If you’re not using glitches, you’re handicapping yourself. They’re essential for countering utility abilities and turning the tide.
  • Stun Gun (Taser): A disruptor of critical abilities like healing beams or heavy shields.
  • Flex Gadget Slot: Choose regular or gas grenades based on the meta for added versatility.

Loadout Overview

  • Primary Weapon: XP54 or L1.
  • Secondary Weapon: VSS9.
  • Gadgets: Glitch Grenades, Stun Gun, and Flex Gadget.

Usage of Cloak & Gadgets

Cloak Strategies

  • Positioning: Cloak is not just for getting up close. It’s about scouting and enabling strategic plays.
  • Scouting: Utilize Cloak for communication, giving your team the upper hand.

Gadgets in Action

  • Glitch Grenades: The game-changer. They disrupt, deny, and dismantle opponent strategies.
  • Taser: A key disruptor for stunning targets or interrupting critical abilities.
  • Grenades: Strategic use for finishing off enemies or manipulating opponent movements.

Additional Tips

  • Enemy Assessment: Identifying threats and adapting strategies accordingly.
  • High Ground Control: Gaining the upper hand with strategic positioning.
  • Utility Usage: Smart deployment of gadgets during crucial fights.
  • Cash Out Defense: Strategic defense and contesting of cash out points.
  • Objective Prioritization: Choosing objectives based on team composition and opponent analysis.
  • Glitch Exploitation: Leveraging glitches to disrupt enemy strategies.
  • Team Coordination: Coordinating plays for effective team wipes and objective control.
  • Master Your Settings: If you’re running a controller, consider finding the best Finals controller settings that work for you.
Light Class in action The Finals


Mastering the Light class is about finesse and strategy. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned player, these insights might elevate your competitive gameplay in The Finals.

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