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The Finals: Best Class & Gun Guide | Know Who To Play

If you can’t figure out what to pick, we can help you out!




The Finals is a team-focused competitive shooter, you will want to make the best choices you can when selecting a class and gun!

Picking the wrong loadout can be a detriment to your entire team, and nobody likes being a deadweight.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best class loadouts and guns to pick!

Best Class & Gun Guide

Medium Build – Best for Most Players

The Medium class is the most balanced one, so it’s what we recommend for everyone who’s new to the game. You can use it to learn the ropes and then decide if you want to go with Light or Heavy, or just stick to Medium!

The Medium Build’s mobility is not as good as Light, but not as bad as Heavy. Similarly, its defenses are better than Light’s but worse than Heavy’s. A true middle road class!

When picking a gun for your Medium Build, we highly recommend the AKM. It’s easy to use, has good range, and has great damage.

Medium class and gun loadout in The Finals

The Model 1887 shotgun is also great if you want to focus on close-quarters combat. Its insane damage can one-shot Light builds and 2-3-shot other Mediums and Heavies!

Next, your choice of Specialization. This will depend on your team’s setup!

You should pick Recon Senses if there is no one else in your team with it equipped. If there’s already another Medium with Recon Senses, you should instead pick either the Healing Beam or the Guardian Turret.

Healing Beam is perfect if you want to play a more supportive role by healing your allies, plus it’s easy to use.

Medium Class in action The Finals

The Guardian Turret, on the other hand, requires you to be tricky with where you place it but can be pretty good for extra offense.

As for Gadgets, always make sure to pack a Defibrillator! It’s by far one of the best gadgets in the game, as it allows you to instantly revive teammates.

Besides the Defibrillator, the Sonar Grenades are great to help your team spot enemies and the Jump Pad is great to improve your team’s mobility. They are highly recommended!

Light Build – Best for Experts

The Light Build is excellent if you have the skills to make the most of its high mobility. You should also be very knowledgeable of every map so that you can move efficiently.

However, its high mobility and powerful arsenal are offset by its poor defense and low health. As such, this is a fantastic class that requires a lot of skill to use properly. We can’t recommend this glass cannon to newbies!

If you’re confident in your abilities, your ideal loadout should include the V9S pistol or the XP-54 SMG. They have very high fire rates, high damage-per-second, and work well with the Light Build’s mobility.

The Finals Light Build loadout

These guns are currently the best in the game, so knowing how to use them will make you a force to be reckoned with!

As for your Specialization, we recommend the Cloaking Device. It can help you hide to set up ambushes or even to escape from encounters you feel you won’t survive.

Evasive Dash and the Grappling Hook are quite good as well, though, so don’t be afraid to use them if they fit your playstyle!

Lastly, gadgets. Your best picks here are the Stun Gun, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade. They’ll help you limit other players’ mobility and visibility, making them easier to take out and minimizing the damage you take.

Light Class in action The Finals

Heavy Build – Situational and Hard to Use

Let’s not forget about the Heavy Build! This is a powerful defensive class that sacrifices mobility for raw power.

Sadly, this is a pretty situational class when compared to the Light and Medium classes. Their limited mobility and area denial abilities make them best at defending Cashouts.

The thing is, those same area denial abilities can do more harm to your team than good if you aren’t careful!

Combine the poor mobility with a kit that requires a lot of skill to use effectively and you have a class that ends up being very hard to use effectively.

A Heavy Build loadout in The Finals

As for guns, pretty much all of them are great depending on your playstyle. Some guns do excel above the rest, though, such as the SA1216 and the Lewis Gun.

The SA1216 shotgun is perfect for close and mid-range encounters, while the Lewis Gun is your best bet for long-range damage!

When it comes to Specialization, the Mesh Shield is best when you’re trying to protect your team while the Charge ‘n’ Slam is best if you’re trying to deal damage.

Change ‘n’ Slam pairs particularly well with the SA1216 shotgun, too, as it helps you close gaps quickly!

Heavy Class The Finals

Whatever you do, though, stay away from the Goo Gun. It’s too slow and extremely easy to counter, so it’s almost never worth picking.

Lastly, gadgets! Your best pick here is the RPG-7 due to its devastating damage. It can also be used to destroy structures whenever you need it.

The Dome Shield is also great for helping you secure objectives and protect your team. Don’t forget about the C4 either, which you can use to set up traps for your enemies!

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