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The Finals: Best Class and Weapons to Use

Find out which class and weapons are best suited for you!




The Finals has a variety of classes and weapons you can use. These classes allow for a variety of playstyles, especially when combined with the variety of weapons at your disposal.

But which ones are the best to use? Let’s have a look to help you decide for yourself!

Best Loadouts in The Finals

Source: Arekkz Gaming

The Finals is a fairly balanced game in its current state, so which class is the best for you will depend on your playstyle. As such, you should familiarize yourself with the role of all 3 of the classes: Light Build, Medium Build, and Heavy Build.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of each of these classes.

Light Build

Source: Arekkz Gaming

First, we have the Light Build. This is the class to play if you want to be a speedy, highly mobile character. You will get access to powerful mobility tools like the Grappling Hook.

Your task as a Light character will be to quickly get the money vaults to cashout spots, using your speed to stay on the move.

However, Light characters have very low health. You will go down pretty easily if you don’t make good use of your mobility

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Source: Arekkz Gaming

The best weapons for the Light characters are the following:

  • V95: a silent semi-automatic pistol. Won’t alert others of your presence due to its low noise but can also deal good damage if you aim properly.
  • LH1: an automatic rifle. It’s very loud, but it has fantastic range and damage output. A very great overall weapon that can deal lots of damage very quickly.
  • .30-06 Sniper: a bolt-action sniper rifle. Slower than the LH1 but with much better range and damage. Use your mobility to get into advantageous positions and snipe your foes!

Medium Build

This class is a bit more of a support-oriented character. You will have access to Guardian Turrets that lay down suppressive fire. You can also use the Healing Beam which lets you heal your teammates.

As you might expect, your mobility and survivability are pretty standard. You won’t be as fast and weak as Light characters, but you won’t be as slow and tanky as Heavy characters.

The best weapons for Medium characters are these:

  • AKM: a solid assault rifle. Good damage and good range, just an all-around great weapon. Its only con is that it has a strong knockback, so you will need to compensate when aiming.
  • Pump-Action GL: this is a powerful grenade launcher. Its range isn’t great due to the projectile drop-off. The damage is high and can take out multiple enemies at once.
  • R.357: a very damaging revolver. It packs quite a punch but it will require good aim. You can take out enemies with only a couple of well-placed shots.
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Heavy Build

Lastly, we have the Heavy Build which is for players who enjoy a slow and tanky playstyle. You won’t be getting around quickly, but you make up for it with survivability and firepower to spare!

Due to your lack of movement options, your task as a Heavy will be to protect important locations. For example, stick near cashout spots and cover your teammates as they bring back money vaults.

You’ll also be able to modify the battlefield. You can create defenses with the Goo Gun, for example, or wreck buildings with your Charge ‘n’ Slam!

The best weapons for a Heavy character are the following:

  • M60: a powerful machine gun with very high capacity. On top of being able to sustain fire with its huge magazine, it also deals high damage. Loading times are pretty long, though.
  • Flamethrower: exactly what its name says. Doesn’t have much range but can deal sustained damage to multiple enemies in close quarters.
  • M32 GL: a grenade launcher with timed grenades. It has high damage but grenades don’t explode on impact, so it can be hard to use. It’s fantastic when used to defend areas.
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