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The Cycle Frontier: Jungle Guide

Whether you farm or you are on a quest, you need to know how to handle yourself in the jungle.




The jungle area in the Bright Sands map is filled with amazing loot. The only problem is that it’s filled with deadly monsters on all fronts. Let’s find out how you can navigate your way through it.

Guide to the Jungle in The Cycle: Frontier

To get the most loots possible, you’d want to start from the Abandoned Mine. Just a bit west of the starting area, you’ll come across a box that contains uncommon loot. After looting the box, make your way to a narrow passage just west of where you found the box.

Once you’re inside the narrow passage, you’ll see a wall on the left which you can climb to get a clear view of both the Dig Site and the Jungle up ahead.

If you have a contract where you have to kill Rattlers, then this is the perfect time to do so. Just make sure to bring some Gas Grenades and Audio Decoys with you. Of course, you have to stock up on a lot of ammo as well as heals, along with your trusty knife.

As you go deeper into the jungle, you’ll find glowing plants that will heal you up by simply hugging them. These will recover your health over time, and they’re really helpful if you find yourself in low health.

Alternatively, you can approach the jungle from the Comms Tower area. Start from the northeastern part of the Comms Tower and head upward while hugging the wall. Pay attention to your surroundings as well since some monsters might attack you.

Eventually, you will come across the Crashed Ship. The place is filled with amazing loots, but the problem is that it has a Jeffrey in it. You can make your way to the top of the crashed ship, pick up the loots, go down the crashed ship, pick up more loots, then make a beeline to the exit, turn right, then jump onto the ledges.

That should bring you to safety and you’ll be inside the jungle as well.

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