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The Cycle Frontier: Best Weapons Spawns In Bright Sands

The best way to get stronger in The Cycle Frontier is by finding powerful weapons. Here are the best places to look for those.




Though the loot you’ll find in crates is mostly random in The Cycle Frontier, some spots have a higher chance of spawning good items than others. In this guide, we’ll focus on the best places to loot powerful weapons.

Bright Sands Best Weapon Spawns in The Cycle Frontier

Some of the best weapon crates you can find are in the Jungle portion of the map. The Jungle Camp has one great weapon crate on the top of the highest building. There’s also another building that can be opened using a keycard here, with a lot of great loot.

From there, you can visit the insides of the Crashed Ship. In the middle of the room, among some plants and roots is a weapon crate that usually spawns some pretty useful weapons.

The Comms Tower

North of the Comms tower is a yellow camping area with another god weapons crate. This area is often populated with other players, so you need to be careful.

Much farther away, between the Comms Tower and the Dig Site (in fact, literally in the middle of the stream between these two locations) is another good weapon case.

The Vaccine Labs

Though the Vaccine Labs is pretty far from other spots, it has two good weapon cases as well. One of them is on the balcony, while the other in one of the rooms, on the bed. If you’re in the area, it’s always good to pick those up.


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