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The Cycle Frontier: Bright Sands Key Locations

Both maps in the game have locked rooms that can only be opened using special keycards. Here’s how you can get them.




Among other items found in Cycle Frontier, you might come across special keys that unlock rooms filled with loot on both the Bright Sands and the Crescent Falls maps. In this guide, we’ll focus on how to get all the cards in the Bright Sands and where to use them.

How to Get Keys to Bright Sands Locked Rooms in Cycle Frontier

How to Get Keys to Bright Sands Locked Rooms in Cycle Frontier

The keys that open locked rooms spawn randomly in different types of containers, among other loot. The containers that usually have keycards are jackets and safes. Like other items, there are keycards of varying rarity – white are common, green are uncommon, blue are rare and purple are epic.

There are two good places to farm Keycards fast in Bright Sands. The first one is the Jungle camp, which four lootable safes and two jackets. The keycards also seem to spawn frequently on top of the two yellow top boxes near the crashed ship.

Locked Rooms Locations In The Cycle Frontier

Locked Rooms Locations In The Cycle Frontier

Technically, there are 11 spots on the map that are supposed to use keys, but as the game is still in its beta version, there are only 6 actual keys. Here are all of the locked locations with their corresponding keycards:

  1. Comms Tower (Server Access Key) – The upper left side of the building from the entrance
  2. Abandoned Mine (Mine Access Key) – The key opens the mine itself, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.
  3. Woodcutter Camp (Tall House Key) – The tallest house in the camp.
  4. Jungle Camp (Armory Key) – A building on top of another, bigger building on the right side of the camp.
  5. South of the Swamp Camp (Skeleton Key) – Inside the building right from the big skeleton.
  6. Vaccine Lab (Bright Sands Observation Room Key) – In the upper portion of the first building you see after passing the gate to the lab complex.

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