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Steelrising: Which Class to Choose | Class Guide

The best class you want to use in Steelrising will depend mainly on your playstyle.




Steelrising is finally going to release a few hours from now. Since it’s a completely new game, a lot of its systems can be a bit confusing for players. While it does share similarities with the Souls games, it does have its own unique additions to it.

That said, the game does offer several classes. However, unlike the Dark Souls series, these classes only serve as your starting class. There’s no rigid system around classes in the game. Moreover, you can freely build your character however you want later on.

Still, each class offers a few advantages early on in the game depending on your playstyle. Let’s have a look at what these classes are and what they offer.

Which Class to Choose | Class Guide in Steelrising

As mentioned, classes only matter that much during the early game. This is because there are no class restrictions when it comes to which armors and weapons you can equip. That said, each starting class offers different stats and starting weapons you can use. They’re as follows:

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The Bodyguard can be considered as your standard Warrior class. It comes with a massive warhammer known as Body of Work as its weapon alongside bonuses to Durability and Engineering stats. This makes the Bodyguard really tanky, though its attacks will be rather slow due to the weapon.

That said, if you prefer a slow playstyle that packs a punch when your hits land, then this is the best choice for you. It’s also perfect for players who aren’t that good at dodging attacks since the Bodyguard is capable of taking a beating.


If you prefer a melee class that can dish out more damage than the Bodyguard while still maintaining decent survivability, then the Soldier is for you. This class starts with bonuses to Power and Vigour which are two important stats that will help you dish out damage on a continuous basis.

The Soldier wields the Gribeauval Halberd as its starting weapon, and it offers a decent range alongside a very high attack damage. It also has a secondary ability that allows it to fire at your enemies, though it’s not that hard-hitting compared to its melee attack.

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The Dancer class offers a fast-paced playstyle with bonuses on the Agility and Vigour stats. It starts with the Armoured Fans as a weapon, and its fast-paced playstyle allows you to take out your enemies right before they can even hit you.

Apart from its offensive capabilities, you can also use the fans as a shield to deflect enemy attacks, giving you a more Sekiro-like gameplay. Although the weapon won’t scale as much as the other weapons in the game later on, it will definitely carry you through the early game.

The Dancer is a bit squishy compared to the previous two starting classes. As such, you want to focus on dodging attacks and getting some hits in when fighting enemies. Nonetheless, its fast-paced playstyle certainly makes for really fun and exciting gameplay.


The last class we have is the Alchemist, which is a class that specializes in dealing Alchemical damage. It comes with bonuses to Engineering and Elemental Alchemy stats alongside the Glass-core Batons for its weapons.

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As an Alchemist, you’ll start with the Invocation of Ice ability which coats your weapon with the ice status effect. As such, every hit you land on your enemy will gradually cause them to freeze. This is a pretty useful status effect early on in the game as it lets you immobilize your targets for a quick kill. Not only that, but it’s also quite cheap at only two Alchemical Capsules.

Then there’s the Glass-core Batons which are actually fast and hard-hitting. The only problem is that you need to be up close to your target due to its range. It doesn’t have any blocking capabilities either, so you have to properly time your dodges to get out of harm’s way.

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