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Steelrising: Best Build to Go For

How to build your character in Steelrising.




Steelrising ‘s official launch is on September 8, and players are already excited to try it out. The game is similar to the Souls series, where you are going to pick a class with their own unique weapons. As a newbie, you may find a hard time building your characters. Which is why we are going to show you what build to go for in Steelrising.

Best Build to Go For in Steelrising

Before you start the game, you are going to pick a class, but the question is, is the class important or not? Interestingly, the class is not that important in Steelrising. Classes serve as guides for the specific stats you must prioritize. Weapons remain the most important feature in the game.

Building Your Character Right

In Steelrising, you can carry a strong weapon of your choice until you finish the game. Weapons can be upgraded, so there are no so-called “end-game weapons.” It doesn’t matter what weapon you have, you just need to like its gameplay.

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All weapons have 3 different scalings: Power, Agility, and Alchemy, which can be considered as builds. Some weapons show what affinity can boost their damage like the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket, where Alchemy affinity grants it more damage.

The Glass-core Batons, which have C in Power Affinity, D in Agility Affinity, and C in Alchemy Affinity, means you can deal more damage when you upgrade the Power and Alchemy Affinity.

An example of a build is the Elemental Alchemy build. Elemental Alchemy increases Frost, Flame, and Fulmination damage. But if you want to do an Elemental Alchemy build, you also need to put points in Engineering, which prolongs the duration of a debuff.

Next, we have the Agility build. Agility stat increases Physical Damage, increasing Immobilization. Immobilization features a bar that fills up when inflicting damage to enemies, and triggers a critical hit. You will also need Vigor to increase the Critical Hit Multiplier and Endurance.

The last one is Power, which increases the physical damage of Power Based or Heavy weapons. For this build, you need to prioritize Durability. It gives you balance to get staggered by enemies easily. Power also gives impact, which can stagger enemies.

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