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Steelrising: Ultimate Combat Guide

How the combat works in the upcoming game Steelrising.




Steelrising is a new and upcoming game, and arguably one of the most anticipated games for this year. It is an action RPG set during the French Revolution, where you can play as Aegis the automaton, a queen’s bodyguard.

We are going to show you how the combat works in Steelrising.

Ultimate Combat Guide in Steelrising

The combat in Steelrising is versatile. You can be a warrior, bodyguard, or a deadly dancer. We are going to start with the basics and the things that you must know.

  • The R1 button is for light attacks, while R2 is for heavy attacks.
  • This differs for each weapon, and these attacks can be chained to create combos. Some weapons can chain light attacks to heavy attacks and back to light attacks.
  • There is also the so-called jumping attack, where most consist of 3 hits and followed by a heavy attack at the end.
  • There is a special attack, where the Halberd weapon shoots a gun.
  • When you move and hold the L1 button, it makes your character walk instead of running.
  • The triangle button is for venting, the square button is for using an item, the circle button is for dodging, and the x button is for jumping.
  • Pressing on the right stick will target an enemy and the left stick for sprinting.
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Combat Guide in Steelrising

The following are the things we know about Steelrising combat:

  • D-pad buttons are available. Up to switch weapons. Right and left to change the items equipped on the quick belt. Down to skip tutorials.
  • Performing actions consumes stamina.
  • All attacks cause physical damage.
  • When you fight an enemy, you are going to see an empty diamond; attacking the enemy fills it up. A full diamond means you can trigger a critical attack.
  • There are 3 types of statuses: fire, ice, and lightning. Fire causes damage over time. Ice freezes enemies, and attacking the enemy lessens the freeze meter. Lightning makes enemies receive more damage.
  • The last is healing. The first is Oil Burette, a renewable source that you can refill when you rest. Then we have the Ordinary Oil Vial, which heals over time.

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