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Ranch Simulator: Beginner Cooking & Recipes Guide | 2023

Want to stock up your food shelves? Stick around to find out how!




Ranch Simulator offers a unique cooking system that allows players to create various recipes. This advanced guide will delve deeper into the process of cooking in Ranch Simulator, including how to use the Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer, and the types of recipes you can create.

Meat Grinder

The Meat Grinder is a crucial tool in Ranch Simulator for making ground meat. You can choose from pork (pigs), chicken (chickens), and beef (cows). To use the Meat Grinder, follow these steps:

  1. Take the meat from your cooler box or wherever you store your meat.
  2. Place it into the Meat Grinder by pressing E.
  3. Once the meat has been ground, you can press E to take the product out of the pan.

Note: You cannot use wild meat like Deer or Bear to make ground meat in Ranch Simulator. Place your meatball in your drying room. It won’t take too long to dry! You can sell raw meat in Ranch Simulator, but it’s worth less than once it’s cooked.

Sausage Stuffer

The Sausage Stuffer is another essential tool in Ranch Simulator. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Choose the meat you want to make sausages with. You can use pork, chicken, or beef.
  2. Grind the meat in the Meat Grinder.
  3. Instead of pressing E to remove the product from the pan, choose to take the pan with you by pressing right-click.
  4. Head over to your Sausage Stuffer and press E to place the meat inside.
  5. Once the process has finished, you can pick up your raw sausages and hang them in your drying room in Ranch Simulator.

Sausage Recipes

In Ranch Simulator, you can sell raw or dried sausages, but you can also create other recipes from them. Here are a couple of advanced recipes you can try:

Boiled Sausages

  1. You’ll need a bucket of water and a pan.
  2. Pick up your bucket of water and pour the water into the pan that’s on your stove/cooker.
  3. Pick up your raw sausages and press E to place them into the pan.
  4. Select E again to start the cooking process; once the percentage hits 100%, the sausage is boiled.
  5. You don’t need to put boiled sausages into the drying room, instead, put them in your cooler box.

Sausages with Eggs

  1. Place your meat into the Meat Grinder, but this time once the pan is full, add an egg into it.
  2. Pick up an egg by pressing E, walk over to the pot with ground meat, then press E to add the egg.

Advanced Tips

In order to maximize profit, cooking and selling recipes in Ranch Sim is one of the best ways to make money. It’s a profitable turnaround if you’re willing to put the effort into it. Meatballs sell for less than boiled sausages, but dried sausages sell for more than boiled sausages. If you have the time, I’d suggest selling dried sausages; the process takes longer, but it’s worth more in the long run.

For sausage, you can use eggs and milk. The way to add items is to place both the grinder and sausage maker on a table or counter. You then need to pick up a cooking pan, and you will see a green area for the pan in front of the grinder, point at the green and hit E to put the pan in place. With pan in place grab one piece of Pork, Beef or chicken (cannot use Wild Meat) and point to grinder then hit E to add meat to grinder, then turn the crank to grind or Hit E one more time to start grinding if electric. Now with the meat still in the pan, you can pick up an egg, point at the pan with ground meat and hit E to add the egg. For sausage, you can also add milk by holding the milk jug and pointing at the pan.

Cheese making: You place an empty pan on the ground or counter. Then use the milk jug to pour milk into the pan. With milk in the pan, you can add an egg by having an egg in hand and point at the pan and hit E. You can also add a mold (white or blue). You pick up the mold pack and point to pan then hit E to add the mold. Now you can pick up the pan and look at the stove, you will see a green pan image, point at the green pan and hit E to put the pan on the stove to cook.

Remember, the key to mastering cooking in Ranch Simulator is practice. The more you experiment with different recipes and techniques, the better you’ll become. Happy cooking!

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