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MW3 Zombies: How to Get the New Schematics in Season 2

Dive into the new Dark Aether Rift to get some sweet new Schematics!




Season 2 is here for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, and that means you can get some fantastic new Schematics in MW3 Zombies!

It’s no easy feat, though, and it will probably take you a while to get them. But, who doesn’t want a sweet new bike? Or infinite ammo? Come on, they’re worth it!

Anyway, read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get all 3 new Schematics in Season 2 of MW3’s Zombies.

How to Get the New Schematics in MW3 Zombies Season 2

MW3 Zombies: How to Get the New Schematics in Season 2 - Countermeasures

To get the three new Schematics, you’ll need to hunt down four unique quest items first. You can find all of them in the Act IV Story Mission “Countermeasures.”

You’ll need to go along with completing the mission while also going out of your way to complete optional challenges.

The first item you can get is the Tattered MMA Gloves, which you should go get as soon as the mission starts.

Countermeasures Mission Step 1

Look for the large crashed boat near the spawn point and go around it to climb it.

Countermeasures Mission Step 2

Then, look for the Obelisk in the middle of the ship’s deck.

Simply stay within the circle and punch the zombies near the Obelisk to death! Do it quickly and you’ll get the purple Tattered MMA Gloves as a reward.

Countermeasures Mission Step 3

After that, head straight to E4 on the map to find an Obelisk in the middle of an intersection. Activate it to begin the challenge!

Countermeasures Mission Step 4

For this challenge, you just need to stay within the circle and kill the enemies that approach with headshots.

Once you’re done, pick up the purple Perforated Target as your reward.

Countermeasures Mission Step 5

For the third item, continue the mission you’re close to the fair. You’re told to interact with a PC at that point, but ignore it for now.

Instead, head to H8 to find the next Obelisk.

Countermeasures Mission Step 6

For this challenge, you need to use alternate ammo types that match the circle’s effects to kill the enemies.

Countermeasures Mission Step 7

If you don’t have Alternate Ammo Types for this, simply interact with the gravestones near the Obelisk to get the ones you need.

You’ll get the purple Pristine Mirror as your reward for this challenge!

Countermeasures Mission Step 8

With these three in your inventory, go finish the Countermeasures mission. You’ll get the golden Drum item, which is the last one we need.

Upgrading the Purple Items

MW3 Zombies: How to Get the New Schematics in Season 2 - Upgrading the Purple Items

With the Countermeasures mission done, you should have the following items ready:

  • Tattered MMA Gloves, Perforated Target, and Pristine Mirror. All of these are of purple rarity.
  • A golden-rarity Drum.

You’ll now need to upgrade the three purple rarity items to golden rarity, which is easier said than done.

To start the process, simply start a new match of Zombies in the Countermeasures mission.

Upgrading the Purple Items Step 1

To upgrade the Pristine Mirror, head to the graveyard in I3. You’ll find a unique interactable gravestone near the cliff, which allows you to offer the mirror.

Upgrading the Purple Items Step 2

Three unique zombies will spawn: an orange fiery one, a white snowy one, and a purple electric one. Simply kill each one with the Alternate Ammo Type that matches them.

Upgrading the Purple Items Step 3

You can get ammo mods from the burning building nearby, as shown above.

Upgrading the Purple Items Step 4

Next, head on over to the firing range in H8 to upgrade the Perforated Target.

Upgrading the Purple Items Step 5

You can offer your Perforated Target to any of the targets at the range. Once you offer it, floating targets with purple flames will spawn in and around the firing range.

Upgrading the Purple Items Step 6

Shoot every target and turn them red. This will spawn a red zombie, which you can kill to get the upgraded Perforated Target!

Upgrading the Purple Items Step 8

Lastly, take the Tattered MMA Gloves to the boxing gym in F8.

Upgrading the Purple Items Step 9

Get in the right to offer the gloves, then punch the punching bag outside the ring from left to right. You’ll have to do it quickly, though!

Upgrading the Purple Items Step 10

If you did it right, a zombie will appear inside the ring. Simply get in the ring and punch the zombie to death.

Collect the upgraded Tattered MMA Gloves and you’re one step closer to your new Schematics!

Open the New Dark Aether Rift

MW3 Zombies: How to Get the New Schematics in Season 2 - New Dark Aether Rift

Now, get your best gear possible and dive into a Zombies game in the Countermeasures mission.

Bring your four golden quest items: Tattered MMA Gloves, Pristine Mirror, Perforated Target, and Drum.

Once you’re ready, head to the purple storm in the northern part of the Tier III zone.

Inside the storm, you’ll find 4 unique Rift Pedestals waiting for items. Simply check the icons on the Pedestals and offer the golden quest items you collected.

For example, the Pedestal with the hand mirror icon requires the Pristine Mirror.

Once you offer up all the items, a Mimic mini-boss will spawn and attack you! It’s not too difficult to take down, though, so just fill it with lead.

Grab the Sigil from the boss’ remains and use it to open the Dark Aether Rift close to you.

Once the portal opens, walk right into the Dark Aether Rift!

Hunting Bunnies in the Dark Aether Rift

MW3 Zombies: How to Get the New Schematics in Season 2 - Bunny Hunt

Inside the Dark Aether Rift, walk forward a bit and you’ll spot three floating Mister Peeks bunny plushies. They’ll fly off in different directions once you attempt to approach them, though!

Your goal now is to find all three of these plushies and collect them.

Warhouse Bunny Plushie location

The first one will be sitting in the upstairs part of the warehouse close to the spawn. So, right after you see the bunnies fly off, turn around and explore the warehouse behind you.

Mall Bunny Plushie location

The second bunny plushie is at the very top of the mall’s roof. The easiest way to reach it is to use a Scorcher to launch yourself to the top of the mall.

E6 Bunny Plushie location

Lastly, the third bunny sits atop the tallest building in the E6 quadrant. Just like before, a Scorcher would be extremely useful here!

Once you found all the Mister Peeks plushies, it’s time to exfil from the Dark Aether Rift. You can’t get your rewards just yet! This never ends, does it?

If you can, though, try to get an Elder Sigil before you exfil. You’ll need it later!

Exfil portal

Anyway, you can leave the Dark Aether Rift via the small portals on the map. Their locations are somewhat random, but there are always multiple of them.

How to Get the New Schematics at Long Last

MW3 Zombies: How to Get the New Schematics in Season 2 - Elder Sigil

Just like with every other section so far, you’ll need to start a new match of Zombies for this one. Also, make sure to bring an Elder Sigil with you this time.

You can mostly get Elder Sigils by completing contracts within Dark Aether Rifts, but they’re somewhat random.

Once you start, head once again to the Dark Aether Rift’s portal entrance.

Elder Sigil Portal opening, facing southeast

This time, place the Elder Sigil on the back side of the portal instead of the front. You should be facing South as you put the Elder Sigil into the portal.

Now, head into the Dark Aether Rift one more time!

Your goal now is to hunt down the same three Mister Peeks bunny plushies from before. Except this time, they will give you various Bounty Contracts to complete.

Completing their Bounty Contracts will award you the three new Schematics for Season 2 of MW3 Zombies.

Obtained the Schematics as a reward for a bunny's Bounty Contract

If you’re still wondering what the new Schematics are, here’s a breakdown of all 3 of them:

  • Mags of Holding – Perfect for you if you think reloading is a pain. You’ll pull ammo straight from your stash, skipping reloads entirely.
  • Blood Burner Key – Allows you to summon a sick new Blood Burner Wonder Vehicle. This powerful bike can blast zombies and is practically indestructible!
  • V-R11 Wonder Weapon – If you think zombies would make for good allies, this is for you. Brainwash the zombies into attacking each other, or use it on allied players to give them temporary immunity.

Considering how cool these new Schematics are, we think all the effort required to get them is actually well worth it!

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