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Inscryption: Act 3 Trader Location

When fighting for your life by playing a card game with the forces of evil, even a humble trader can be your best friend. But, with the beginning of act 3, there doesn’t seem to be any way to find him…




Every act in Inscryption gets more and more unsettling, so anyone who can help you survive the hellish card game in the dark cabin is a sight for sore eyes. But the trader that used to sell you more cards for your deck doesn’t seem to offer his services in Act 3. Or does he?

Trader Location in Act 3 of Insryption

To meet the trader again, you’ll first have to reach the Golly Zone in Botopia, which requires you to turn on the radar dish in Painter’s Tower. One of the rooms in this mini-dungeon should have a floating lock symbol. This doesn’t seem to do anything in the Botopia mini-game, but if you actually move away from the mini-game and head left, you should notice a previously locked door now open.

Meeting the Trader

Like always, you can exchange the pelts you’ve collected for new cards, but these can no longer be used in your deck. Now, they instead feature cryptic messages, which expand the game’s lore and tell you more about the truth behind the events you’ve been participating in. The bottom of each card also features a mysterious binary code. But, most importantly, getting all the cards will give you the “Forgotten Lore” achievement.

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