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Inscryption: What to Do After Taking Picture

Inscryption features a lot of meta mechanics that might cause some confusion when you’re first playing the game. One well-known confusing moment happens right after your fight with Leshy…




Being a half deck-building card game and half a big puzzle game, Inscryption requires a lot of thinking outside the box for you to progress. The entire Leshy sequence can be particularly confusing, especially if you’ve never played a game that breaks the fourth wall…

What to Do After Taking Picture in Inscryption

What to Do After Taking Picture in Inscryption

Once you’ll win the fight with Leshy, a whole bunch of puzzling events will happen. After you regain control over your character, you’ll need to use the camera film acquired from the Cuckoo Clock Puzzle to take a picture that will imprison Leshy. You’ll find yourself in a room with a mysterious icon afterward…

Starting a New Game

Interacting with the icon will transport you to a dark room, with seemingly nowhere to go. You might think that this is some sort of a bug, or that your game has softlocked. But that’s actually not the case. You are now supposed to return to the main menu and start a new game.

But don’t worry – this will not erase your progress. In fact, it should start the second act of the game, which significantly changes the main gameplay loop. And just a heads up – this is not the last time the game will expect you to do something weird to progress, so don’t be afraid to experiment, even with things that are not part of the game in other titles.

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